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Looking for Louie

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Day 7:
Looking for Louie

One of the several reinforced walls in Looking for Louie, about to be destroyed, completing the mission.

Side Story Olimar's Comeback
Objective Find Louie!
Area Twilight River
Starting Pikmin
Red Pikmin P3 icon.png Yellow Pikmin P3 icon.png
15 15
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1:00 - time out 2:00 - 1:01 left 4:00 - 2:01 left 14:00 - 4:01 left
Time limit 14:00
Music Olimar's Comeback (days 7-8)

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Looking for Louie is the seventh day of Olimar's Comeback. It takes place in the Twilight River, with the unique objective of reuniting Olimar and Louie.


Immediately after the events of Channel Gone Dry, Olimar realizes that half of the fruits they collected on that mission are missing, and deducts that Louie ate them. Olimar, in response, snaps at Louie about his excessive appetite, prompting Louie to run away. Louie winds up separated from both Olimar and most of the Pikmin, leaving Olimar guilt-ridden. Throughout the mission, Olimar laments his temper and states that he has some "soul-searching" to do, and admits that Louie's "not a bad guy."

Once the two are reunited, Louie apologizes for his appetite and Olimar apologizes for being so rough on him. Olimar's daily report ends with the hope that he can find enough food in the future "to keep him in line," noting how he also ran away after the Koppaites rescued him.


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  • A bomb rock icon, used to represent the object found in the games. Bomb rock × 20 (13 in dirt mounds, 4 inside enemies, 2 in the open, and 1 buried)


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Let’s get down to brass tacks. All that matters here is getting through as many walls as you can, as fast as you can. Don’t waste time fighting wild creatures unless they’re gnawing on you, in which case you have my permission.


Mission Log, Day 7: I may have been too hard on Louie last night about his excessive appetite. Letting my emotions run away from me was wrong both as a pilot and as his mentor. Not that he’s blameless here, of course, but it’s my duty now to go find him, wherever he’s run off to. Once that’s taken care of, I have some soul-searching to do about my temper.

Loading screen tip[edit]

The President's neutral icon in Pikmin 3 Deluxe.Take care of your teammates. Good. Now hurry up and regroup!

During gameplay[edit]

In some situations during gameplay, Olimar or Louie will leave a comment.

Trigger Olimar Louie
Near the Yellow Onion Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.Off to find Louie…again. N/A
On the Seesaw block that reaches ledge with a dirt mound Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.I need to go up somehow… This Seesaw Block might just do the trick. N/A
Near the Red Onion N/A Louie neutral icon.png…I’m hungry.
By the Seesaw block near the Red Onion N/A Louie neutral icon.pngSee that Seesaw Block there? Could we put it on top?
On the ledge from the Seesaw block Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.I can’t believe I raised my voice like that!Olimar's shocked icon in Pikmin 3.I should apologize. N/A
Approaching reinforced wall behind lone Whiptongue Bulborb Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.It appears a Bomb Rock can break it. Louie neutral icon.pngUse a Bomb Rock for this. But keep your distance.
Approaching pair of Whiptongue Bulborbs N/A Louie neutral icon.pngI’m enjoying the solitude.
Approaching reinforced wall past ramp box N/A Louie neutral icon.pngThis Bomb Rock is perfect…for breaking this wall.
Going up path leading to pair of Bearded Amprats Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.He’s not a bad guy…but why is he always so hungry? N/A
Midway over path between pair of reinforced walls Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.Louie…? I could have sworn I heard him just now. Louie neutral icon.pngDid you hear that?

Assignment Report[edit]

When I finally found Louie, he claimed to be sorry for what he did, but I’ll keep a close eye on him all the same. He went missing after the Koppaites rescued him too and turned out to have made off with all their food. For all that, this planet is dangerous enough that it’s good to have a partner around. Hopefully I can find enough food to keep him in line.


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Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ルーイはどこへ…?
Flag of France French Où est passé Louie ? Where did Louie go?
Flag of Spain Spanish Buscando a Luis Looking for Louie

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