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Valley of Repose areas

  • The landing site
  • Louie's landing site
  • The manhole arena
  • Drainable creek
  • Crossing field
  • Bulblax lake
  • Subterranean Complex mountain
  • Frontier Cavern snowman

Awakening Wood areas

  • Landing site
  • Snagret ledge
  • Tile fields
  • Spiderwort circle
  • Beast Corridors
  • Blue Onion lake
  • Bulblax back-end

Perplexing Pool areas

  • Landing site
  • Great lake
  • Yellow Onion stump
  • Snitchbug fields
  • Great river
  • Submerged Castle lake

Wistful Wild areas

  • Landing site
  • Cavern of Chaos maze
  • Spiderwort field
  • Hole of Heroes alley
  • Chrysanthemum arena
  • Dream Den stump

Valley of Repose

Awakening Wood

Perplexing Pool



  • Toady Bloyster icon.png Toady Bloyster × 1: In the lake besides the landing site.
  • Shearwig icon.png Shearwig × 11: Four in front of the bridge leading to the Spiderworts, four besides the bridge to the Optical Illustration/Abstract Masterpiece, three replacing a Yellow Wollywog after day 10.
  • Skitter Leaf icon.png Skitter Leaf × 5: Two beside the Burgeoning Spiderwort in the water north of the landing site, one on top of the Onion Replica, and two guarding the gate leading to the Submerged Castle.
  • Wogpole icon.png Wogpole × 5: Near the Shower Room entrance, disappear after being defeated.
  • Withering Blowhog icon.png Withering Blowhog × 1: Near the Submerged Castle.
  • Fiery Blowhog icon.png Fiery Blowhog × 1: Guarding the ultra-bitter Spiderworts.
  • Fiery Bulblax icon.png × 1: Guarding the Yellow Pikmin, disappears after being defeated.
  • Spotty Bulbear icon.png Spotty Bulbear × 1: ??? spawns after day 30
  • Dwarf Bulbear icon.png Dwarf Bulbear × 6: ??? spawns after day 10, spawns after day 30.
  • Yellow Wollywog icon.png Yellow Wollywog × 6: Two in the southern lake guarding the Fortified Delicacy, one besides the Onion Replica, one guarding the Abstract Masterpiece, and one besides the Citadel of Spiders (replaced by three Shearwigs after day 10).
  • Water Dumple icon.png Water Dumple × 7: Two besides the Onion Replica, three guarding the gate leading to the Onion Replica, and two near the Submerged Castle.
  • Swooping Snitchbug icon.png Swooping Snitchbug × 2: In the wide area east of the Yellow Onion.
  • Beady Long Legs icon.png Beady Long Legs × 1: East of landing site, after day 30.
  • Ravenous Whiskerpillar icon.png Ravenous Whiskerpillar × 3: Attached to the ultra-bitter Spiderworts.
  • Hermit Crawmad icon.png Hermit Crawmad × 2: Just beyond the black gate blocking access to the Submerged Castle.
  • Honeywisp icon.png Honeywisp × 3: ???

Wistful Wild



  • Dwarf Bulborb icon.png Dwarf Bulborb × 5: Two outside the landing site, three guarding the lake before the Dream Den.
  • Swooping Snitchbug icon.png Swooping Snitchbug × 1: Outside the landing site, to the north.
  • Decorated Cannon Beetle icon.png Decorated Cannon Beetle × 1: Opposite the Cavern of Chaos, in a depressed area of land.
  • Hermit Crawmad icon.png Hermit Crawmad × 1: Guarding a white gate leading to the Spiderwort field.
  • Fiery Blowhog icon.png Fiery Blowhog × 2: One in the Spiderwort field, one besides the bridge leading to the Dream Den.
  • Watery Blowhog icon.png Watery Blowhog × 1: In the Spiderwort Field.
  • Shearwig icon.png Shearwig × 3: In front of the electric fence leading to the Hole of Heroes.
  • Armored Cannon Larva icon.png Armored Cannon Larva × 1: In the narrow path leading to the Hole of Heroes.
  • Creeping Chrysanthemum icon.png Creeping Chrysanthemum × 3: In the field between the Hole of Heroes and Dream Den.
  • Withering Blowhog icon.png Withering Blowhog × 3: Two besides the Creepying Chrysanthemums, one besides the Orange Bulborbs.
  • Orange Bulborb icon.png Orange Bulborb × 2: Guarding access to the Dream Den, on the large stump.
  • Gatling Groink icon.png Gatling Groink × 1: Starts besides the Dream Den, but has been known to visit the landing site.
  • Cloaking Burrow-nit icon.png Cloaking Burrow-nit × 1: Besides the bridge leading to the Dream Den.
  • Yellow Wollywog icon.png Yellow Wollywog × 1: In the lake before the Dream Den.
  • Ujadani icon.png Ujadani every 30 days on Day 1, 31, 61, etc, besides the Hole of Heroes, and in a cavity near the Creeping Chrysanthemums.