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Fortified Delicacy

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Fortified Delicacy Treasure Hoard icon.
Artwork of the Fortified Delicacy.
Number 48
Series Paleontology Series
Value Poko icon.png × 60
Weight 20
Maximum carriers 30 Pikmin
Location Perplexing Pool
Challenge Mode levels Cavernous Abyss

The Fortified Delicacy (海怪珍味マキマキ?, lit.: "Mysterious Makimaki Sea Delicacy") is a treasure in Pikmin 2. It is a shell from a snail called Turbo sazae (sometimes known as Turbo cornutus), and is found above-ground in the Perplexing Pool.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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Fortified Delicacy icon.png
Location of the Fortified Delicacy.

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To get it, first the clog on top of the Shower Room needs to be destroyed. This makes it possible for White Pikmin to dig up the treasure near one of the corners in the tiled area. Multiple Yellow Wollywogs block the path from the treasure's location to the Hocotate ship, and they should be defeated before collecting the treasure.


Olimar's journal

I wonder what's become of the creature this shell was defending. Enigmas like this always make me curious. Was it tasty? Maybe I should find one and give it a taste? All in the name of science and exploration, of course...

Sales pitch

A twisted shell whose surface is covered in spikes. The durable housing protects a meal that is said to define deliciousness. (Where the meal went is known only to Captain Olimar's crew.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese 海怪珍味マキマキ?
Kai Kai Chinmi Makimaki
Mysterious Makimaki Sea Delicacy "マキマキ" means spiral-shape structure.
Flag of France French Délicatesse Fortifiée Fortified Delicateness
Flag of Germany German Befestigte Delikatesse Fortified Delicacy
Flag of Italy Italian Squisitezza corazzata Fortified Delicacy
Flag of Spain Spanish Delicadeza fortificada Fortified delicacy

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