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Bramble gate

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A partially destroyed wooden gate in The Forest of Hope.
A white bramble gate in The Forest of Hope.

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Bramble gates (also known as wooden gates[1]) are the most basic type of gate in Pikmin and Pikmin 2, being replaced by dirt walls in later games. Any Pikmin type can damage a bramble gate. There are two types of these gates: white and black. Black gates take longer to break down than white ones.

Bramble gates have 3 stages of destruction. Initially, they are at their full height, with the central part of the gate being as high as the supports on the side. After being attacked for some time, the gate will partially fall down through the ground, becoming two-thirds of its initial height. After some more time, it will fall down some more to become one-third of its original height, and eventually, it will completely fall down, and Pikmin and leaders will be able to walk through the space the gate once occupied.

Each bramble gate has some amount of health, and Pikmin attacking these gates use their standard damage values. In Pikmin, white gates can also be destroyed with two bomb rocks, and black gates require four. The health of gates is inconsistent – gates of the same color vary in how sturdy they are; for example, the gate that encloses the Emperor Bulblax's arena in The Final Trial is surprisingly frail. In Pikmin 2, normal gates above ground have between 10000 and 43000 hit points. They tend in general to be much sturdier than the randomly generated ones in caves (100 - 12800) and Challenge Mode levels (1 - 4000). For comparison, a Red Bulborb has 750 hit points.

Poison gate[edit]

Some bramble gates in Pikmin 2 have poison emitters within them. Because of the poison hazard, only White Pikmin can destroy these gates. (Gates like this are never found underground so there is never a situation where Bulbmin can destroy them.) After the gate has been destroyed, the poison emitters can be destroyed, and after that other Pikmin types can pass through the gate.


  • The Impact Site: There is a white gate to the southwest in the area with Pearly Clamclamps.
  • The Forest of Hope: There is one white gate right in the base, another white in the easternmost part of the main area with Red Bulborbs, a black one in front of the area with the Nova Blaster, a submerged white gate shortly beyond the previously mentioned black gate, and finally, a black gate in front of the arena with the Armored Cannon Beetle.
  • The Forest Navel: A white gate is found directly next to the base, and must be broken down to allow the #1 Ionium Jet to be delivered to the ship. A black gate is located at the beginning of the pathway leading towards the Libra and Analog Computer, and a second black gate can be found adjacent to the Beady Long Legs' arena, though not serving as a direct impediment.
  • The Distant Spring: A white gate is found blocking off access to the Zirconium Rotor, and a black gate is directly opposite to it, leading into the area where the Pilot's Seat is found. Another white gate is found beside the tree trunks surrounding the Armored Cannon Beetle, in the path of the Bowsprit's waypoints.
  • The Final Trial: Two white gates are located around the perimeter of the Emperor Bulblax arena.
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  1. ^ Wooden gates, such as the white one near your landing site, are breakable, so call all of the Pikmin from the red onion and put them to work. – The Forest of Hope section 3-A: "Storming the Gate" in the Pikmin Nintendo Player's Guide