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Captain Olimar and Louie on a compressed bag.
This article is about the crushable obstacle. For the pushable obstacle, see paper bag.

Bags are obstacles in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 4. They are upside-down paper shopping bags that initially serve as a barrier between sections of an area. After weighing them down by throwing Pikmin on top, a bag will become permanently compressed and no longer be a barrier.


Bags resemble plain brown grocery bags that compress and expand using their bellows-like sides. They appear upside-down and slightly compressed, but can be squashed completely by throwing Pikmin on top of the bag so that it is weighed down. Different bags need different amounts of weight on top in order to be flattened, and until that weight requirement is met, the bag will not change size at all. Purple Pikmin weigh ten weight units and Pikmin of other types weigh one unit. The first bag is found on the first day of Pikmin 2, where Captain Olimar and Louie must flatten it to reunite.

The small symbol found on top of bags in Pikmin 2, the word ? (lit.: "Paper") inside a stylized ellipse, is used in Japan to represent paper recycling.[1]

According to Pikmin 2's game files, bags are in fact a seesaw block with a different appearance and nothing to push it back up.[note 1]


Pikmin 2[edit]

Pikmin 4[edit]


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Pikmin 2[edit]

Pikmin 4[edit]


Captain Olimar on top of a bag. Pausing the game here reveals the fraction numbers, and Olimar's weight as 0.
Olimar's weight on the bag, revealed when pausing the game.
  • Much like with seesaw blocks, if a leader in Pikmin 2 ends up on top of a non-compressed bag, for instance, with the use of glitches, and there are no Pikmin on top of it, pausing the game will make the fraction numbers appear, revealing the leader's weight to be 0.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 紙袋 (Pikmin 2)
Kamibukuro (Pikmin 2)
袋 (Pikmin 4)
Fukuro (Pikmin 4)?
Paper bag (Pikmin 2)
Bag (Pikmin 4)


  1. ^ Both objects have the same internal name "seesaw", however bags are configured to behave as obstacles that can be "destroyed" such as gates and clogs, whereas seesaw blocks are configured as objects that return to their initial state each day.


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