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Detective's Truth Seeker

Detective's Truth Seeker
Pikmin 4 treasure
Treasure Catalog icon for the Detective's Truth Seeker.
Series Great Adventure Series
Value Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 230
Weight 15
Maximum carriers Unknown
Locations Industrial Maze
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Total amount 1

The Detective's Truth Seeker (博士の愛したルーペ?, lit.: "Expert's Beloved Loupe") is a treasure in Pikmin 4. It is a magnifying glass, and is found on sublevel 2 of Industrial Maze.

Collecting the treasureEdit

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The Detective's Truth Seeker is to the west of the S.S. Beagle's first base. To retrieve it, you can either demolish the electric gate a bit to the northwest of the sublevel, and then set up the base there, or you can hit the button on the northeasternmost section of the sublevel to lower the iron fences at the center. Afterwards, the paper bag next to teh treasure needs to be lowered so the object can get out of its room. Finally, simply issue 15 Pikmin to carry the object and they should retrieve it without problem.


Schnauz's notesEdit

Surely this powerful viewing device was used by a brilliant professor trying to catch a glimpse of the truth hiding in the most fundamental level of the universe. But when they looked through here, did they find that truth? And did the truth look bigger and a bit out of focus?

Olimar's notesEdit

Everything looks so much bigger when you peer through this lens! You can see the smallest of details and all the different components that make up a single object. That's the proper way to conduct a scientific investigation.

Louie's notesEdit

As fun as it is to make food appear larger, this object can't actually increase the amount.


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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese 博士の愛したルーペ?
Hakase no Aishita Rūpe
Expert's Beloved Magnifying Glass
Bóshì Zhōng'ài de Fàngdàjìng
PhD's Beloved Magnifying Glass
Bóshì Zhōng'ài de Fàngdàjìng
PhD's Beloved Magnifying Glass
  Dutch Waarheidszoeker Truth seeker
  French Chercheur de vérité Truth Seeker
  German Wahrheitssucher Truth Seeker
  Italian Ricercatore di verità Truth researcher
  Korean 박사가 사랑한 루페
Baksaga Saranghan Lupe
Expert's Beloved Magnifying Glass
  Portuguese Investigador da verdade Truth investigator
  Spanish Buscador de la verdad Truth seeker

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