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Satellite Shield

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Satellite Shield
Pikmin 4 treasure
Treasure Catalog icon.
Treasure Catalog icon for the Satellite Shield.
Series Sword & Shield Series
Value Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 40
Weight 2
Maximum carriers 4
Locations Sun-Speckled Terrace
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Total amount 1

The Satellite Shield (メテオシールド?, lit.: "Meteor Shield") is a treasure in Pikmin 4 located overground in the Sun-Speckled Terrace. It is actually an oval shaped pin badge. It has a design of a satellite hovering over a planet, and the word "SATELLITE" along the bottom.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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You must destroy an electric gate located a little to the west of the center of the Sun-Speckled Terrace in order to reach the southwestern section of the map. From there, you can head west and you will soon come across the Satellite Shield. It is on top of a can, slightly buried. You can simply throw Yellow Pikmin up there, but it can easily be reached by any Pikmin type if you stand on the nearby wooden fence. Moving the S.S. Beagle to the Meandering Slope base will make retrieving this treasure a bit faster.


Schnauz's notes[edit]

Did you know that satellites are highly vulnerable to meteors and other space debris? This shield was specially made for space workers who protected these vital pieces of tech from damage. If this shield can withstand a blow from a meteor, it can withstand anything!

Olimar's notes[edit]

Someone told me that when a satellite is decommissioned, some of its lights will start to blink spontaneously as it falls through the atmosphere. It's likely a glitch, but I'd like to believe the satellite's sending one last message before burning up into nothingness...

Louie's notes[edit]

Comfortable spot for a quick nap.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese メテオシールド?
Meteo Shīrudo
Meteor Shield
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Liúxīng zhī Dùn
Meteor Shield
Flag of China Chinese
Liúxīng zhī Dùn
Meteor Shield
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Satellietschild Satellite shield
Flag of France French Bouclier du satellite Satellite Shield
Flag of Germany German Satellitenschild Satellite Shield
Flag of Italy Italian Scudo del satellite Satellite shield
Flag of South Korea Korean 메테오 실드
Meteo Sildeu
Meteor Shield
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Escudo do satélite Satellite shield
Flag of Spain Spanish Escudo del satélite Satellite shield

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