Tremendous Sniffer

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Tremendous Sniffer Icon used to represent the fruit on the wiki.
Tremendous sniffer.png
Juice amount 2.0
Mission Mode value Poko icon.png × 200
Weight 10
Max carriers 20 (normally)
Locations Twilight River
Mission Mode locations Silver Lake Remix
Bingo Battle locations None

The Tremendous Sniffer is a fruit found in Pikmin 3. It is a pear. This fruit provides 2 cups of juice for the leaders, and there is only one in the game, which is found in the Twilight River. It appears in Silver Lake Remix, valued at 200 pokos.

Collecting the fruit[edit]

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The Tremendous Sniffer is found in the Twilight River. It is located past a reinforced wall in the area with the clipboards and an Arachnode. To obtain it, bomb rocks are required, because of the wall. The only bomb rocks in the area are found on the tin can near where the Puffy Blowhog is located. Throw 3 bombs to break the wall and recover the fruit.

There is a glitch that forgoes the use of bomb rocks. Order the Winged Pikmin to swarm the fruit. They will try to fly over the wall, but will not be able to, as the fruit will be stuck against it. As long as the fruit has made contact with the wall, call the Pikmin back. The next day, the fruit will somehow appear outside of the wall, leaving for an easy retrieval.


Brittany's notes

US version US version
This specimen has a sweet flavor and a soft texture...kind of like my Auntie Bea. The shape reminds me of her nose, too. So elegant! So glamorous! She's the envy of the family with that nose... I miss my aunt. I want to go home.
European version European version
This specimen has a sweet flavour and a soft texture...somehow reminiscent of my Auntie Bea. Her nose is shaped a bit like this fruit, too. So elegant! So glamorous! She's the envy of the family with that nose...I miss my aunt. I want to go home!

Technical information[edit]

Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name pear
Juice 2.0
Juice color
(255, 255, 100, 255)
Mission Mode points 200
"Size"? 4


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese オフランス? The France, a word "France" is sometimes used as a mimetic word to imply something is elegant.
Flag of France.svg French Douceur de tantine Aunty's sweetness
Flag of Germany.svg German Schönheitsideal
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Delicadeza magna Great delicacy