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Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom)

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Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom)
Pikmin 4 treasure
Treasure Catalog icon.
Icon for the Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom), from Pikmin 4's Treasure Catalog.
Series Hands of Fate Series
Value Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 40
Weight 2
Maximum carriers 4
Locations Secluded Courtyard
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Total amount 1

The Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom) is a treasure in Pikmin 4 that can be found in the Secluded Courtyard in the Blossoming Arcadia. It is a "curtain cherry blossom" hanafuda card from a March-Hikari suit.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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It is on a tall ledge in the western part of sublevel 2 of the Secluded Courtyard. To collect this treasure, you must stand on a ledge diagonally across from it, then throw at least 2 Pikmin horizontally across to extend a climbing stick, upon which they will climb over to the other side and collect the treasure for you. The nearby Yellow Wollywog and water spouts should be dealt with first.


Schnauz's notes[edit]

Starting school, getting a new job... People in ancient times prayed to this luck wafer at moments of big change in their lives. Flowers do bring to mind new beginnings, so it makes sense. We all want to blossom, don't we?

Olimar's notes[edit]

Springtime always reminds me of the day I moved out of my parents' house. At first, everything was fresh and exciting, but I quickly realized that life on my own was a lot harder than I expected. I also realized I should thank my parents for all they'd done for me.

Louie's notes[edit]

Puts me in the mood for snacking.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 人生花道:桜?
Jinsei Hanamichi: Sakura
Life on The Flowering Road: Cherry Blossom
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Rénshēng Huādào: Yīng
Life on The Flowering Road: Cherry Blossom
Flag of China Chinese
Rénshēng Huādào: Yīng
Life on The Flowering Road: Cherry Blossom
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Kersenbloesemtalisman Cherry blossom talisman
Flag of France French Talisman du rideau Talisman of the curtain
Flag of Germany German Kirschblüten-Talisman des Lebens Cherry Blossom Talisman of Life
Flag of Italy Italian Talismano vitale: sakura Talisman of life: sakura
Flag of South Korea Korean 꽃놀이 부적(벚꽃)
Kkotnori Bujeok (Beotkkot)
Hanami Charm (Cherry Blossom)
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Talismã da vida: flores de cerejeira Talisman of life: cherry blossoms
Flag of Spain Spanish Talismán de vida: La flor de cerezo Talisman of life: Cherry blossom

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