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Director of Destiny

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Director of Destiny Treasure Hoard icon.
The Director of Destiny.
Number 71 (US and Europe)
70 (Japan)
Series Tortured Artist Series
Value Poko icon.png × 100
Weight 20
Maximum carriers 30 Pikmin
Location Glutton's Kitchen
Challenge Mode levels Trampled Garden, Collector's Room
"Compass" redirects here. For the mechanic that orients the player, see radar.

The Director of Destiny (運命ディレクター?, lit.: "Destiny Director") is a treasure in Pikmin 2, and is actually a compass. The glass covering it is shattered, and the needle is stuck in a single position. The compass does not actually point to the North as shown by the radar. The model can be pivoted by enemies such as Anode Beetles, and this will change the indicated direction. It is found on sublevel 3 of the Glutton's Kitchen, usually in an alcove. There are Breadbugs, Anode Beetles, a Puffy Blowhog, and many other electrical hazards and enemies on this sublevel that may pose a threat.


Olimar's journal

With the help of my Pikmin, I've been able to widen the radius of my salvage search. The new areas that have opened up to exploration are far more dangerous. Just to be safe, I'd better review Pikmin traits and characteristics.

Press GCN X.png / Nunchuck C.png to dismiss your Pikmin and separate them into color groups.

Press GCN A.png / Wiimote A.png to pick up and hold Pikmin.

While holding Pikmin, press GCN Dpad.png Left or Right / Wiimote B.png to switch the color of Pikmin you're holding.

Sales pitch

This amazing, fortune-telling device follows the flow of fate with eerie accuracy. It calculates the magnetic fields of planets, stars, and living organisms to track the pulse of destiny itself. If you're an optimist who feels that life points both south and north, this is for you!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese 運命ディレクター?
Unmei Direkutaa
Destiny Director
Flag of France French Guide de la Destinée Guide of the Destiny
Flag of Germany German Schicksalswegweiser Destiny Director Written "Schicksals-wegweiser" in-game.
Flag of Italy Italian Indicatore del destino
Flag of Spain Spanish Regidor del destino Governor of destiny
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Regidor del destino Governor of destiny