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Disk of Sorrowful Wisdom

Disk of Sorrowful Wisdom
Pikmin 4 treasure
Treasure Catalog icon.
Icon for the Disk of Sorrowful Wisdom, from Pikmin 4's Treasure Catalog.
Series Gimme Gimme Series
Value Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 25
Weight 2
Maximum carriers 4
Locations Plunder Palace, Cavern for a King
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Total amount 2

The Disk of Sorrowful Wisdom is a treasure in Pikmin 4. It is a casino token worth 25 credits.

Collecting the treasureEdit

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Plunder PalaceEdit

There is a Disk of Sorrowful Wisdom buried in the dirt near the northern corner of sublevel 1 of the Plunder Palace. There are two Bearded Amprats on the way to retrieve this treasure, which should be dealt with first. A nearby Breadbug may also attempt to steal it, in which case you will need to either damage it or best it in tug-of-war. To collect this treasure, you must throw 2 Pikmin at it.

Cavern for a KingEdit

See also: Bloomcap Bloyster#Strategy.

It is right next to a Bloomcap Bloyster roaming around near the center of sublevel 11 of the Cavern for a King. By the time you get to it, it will likely have been swallowed by the enemy. To collect this treasure, you must first defeat the Bloomcap Bloyster, then throw 2 Pikmin at it.


Schnauz's notesEdit

In moments of sorrow, it may be helpful to consult with this unusually intelligent life-form. Empathy is one of the highest forms of intelligence, so this disk surely has more than enough to share with you. You may not be able to hear its wisdom, but you will feel it.

Olimar's notesEdit

What is the purpose of emotions? They give our lives meaning and balance. One could not survive a life of pure sorrow, so we must find delight in things. A life of pleasure would become monotonous, so we should appreciate the bad as much as the good!

Louie's notesEdit

Suddenly I miss Nana, and I'm overcome by all these sad feelings.


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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese 思考円盤・哀?
Shikou Enban - Aware
Thought Disk - Sorrow
Sīkǎo Yuánpán – Āi
Thought Disk – Sorrow
Sīkǎo Yuánpán – Āi
Thought Disk – Sorrow
  Dutch Schijf van treurige wijsheid Disk of sad wisdom
  French Disque du chagrin Disk of sorrow
  German Scheibe der Empathie Disk of Empathy
  Italian Disco della tristezza Disk of sadness
  Korean 생각의 원반(애)
Saenggag-ui Wonban (Ae)
Thought Disk (Sorrow)
  Portuguese Disco da tristeza Disk of sadness
  Spanish Disco de la sabiduría triste Disk of sad wisdom

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