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At times, some information about a subject in the Pikmin series may be misinterpreted, leading to misconceptions. The following is a list of common misconceptions, rumors and myths about elements in the series, as well as their truths. Editors at Pikipedia are not immune to falling for misconceptions and myths, leading to falsehoods sometimes ending up on the wiki, which in turn, help spread misconceptions further. For more information on the way Pikipedia handles or attempts to handle dubious claims, myths, etc. please read the verifiability policy.

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Common misconceptions throughout the fanbase.


  • Because of how Pikmin 3's data files explain that Winged Pikmin are great in aerial combat[1], many fans interpreted this as meaning that Winged Pikmin cause more damage against airborne enemies[2][3]. In reality, they cause the least amount of damage of all Pikmin types in this game (tying with White Pikmin), regardless of their opponent. They are only recommended for aerial combat since their flight ability makes it possible for them to chase airborne creatures instead of having to be thrown precisely at them.
  • In Pikmin 2, ultra-spicy spray does not increase the Pikmin's attack speed, only their movement speed and attack power.
  • Some players initially assume that in order to obtain a pink flower in Pikmin 2's Challenge Mode, they must not let a single Pikmin die and collect all treasures. In reality, only the former is needed.


  • In Pikmin 2, with some Pikmin on the player's group, they will sing and hum a small jingle. Many fans believe this to be main motif to the Luigi's Mansion theme, but it is simply part of Pikmin 2's title screen theme.
  • The requirements for obtaining the "happy" sunset theme in Pikmin 2 are not defined anywhere, and because of how rare it is, it is hard for players to know them. It was previously believed that they played after obtaining 1000 Pokos in one day, 2000 Pokos, or if the debt is cleared to 50% or 90%. In reality, the player needs to gather 15 or more treasures in the same day.
  • Due to its square shape, some fans believe that the Titan Dweevil's arena is based on the GameCube. When viewed from the top, however, it becomes clear that it is some sort of sink or shower base.


  • Fans that are new to the series might believe that Dwarf Red Bulborbs are the Red Bulborb's young. In fact, they are a different species, breadbugs, that mimic the larger grub-dogs.
  • Because of the names of the ship parts given to Captain Olimar by his children, some fans call the son "Sagittarius" and the daughter "Libra". The two of them are never given a name in canon media, however.


Some things in the series can be a bit confusing, and have led to a few fans misunderstanding facts, despite not being widespread misconceptions.

  • Some may think that the President's name is Schachō, given that that is what's heard when a player switches to him as the active leader. This is simply the Japanese word for "company president", 社長.
  • There are players who think that the Taste Sensation is a piece of sushi, but it's actually an onigiri, or a rice ball.
  • Because of the way Pikmin 3's files are organized, the Orange Bulborb's textures are in the same archive as the Red Bulborb. When data-miners managed to obtain the game's textures, it was revealed that the Red Bulborb's archive has, indeed, textures for the Orange Bulborb, but also has some mysterious white and gray textures. These were initially thought to belong to a third, unused type of Bulborb, since it's known that one enemy's archive can have variants for other enemies inside of it.[4] Later research proved that the texture in question was merely the Red Bulborb's specular map texture, but not before some fans ended up believing there was an unused Bulborb variant in the game.
  • In 2-Player Battle, should Captain Olimar collect three yellow marbles, the Pikmin will begin cheering for him: O-ri-ma!. Because this chant makes reference to Olimar's Japonese name, "Orima", some English-speaking fans can misinterpret the Pikmin's words as "Hurry!" or "Hurry up!".
  • The official name of the areas in Pikmin all begin with the word "The". Although incorrect, it is common to see the names written out without that word, or with it written in lowercase.
  • For some time, it was believed that the secret Nintendo logo sounds in Pikmin could be chosen using the buttons on the controllers. This is false; the buttons play no role in how the game randomly decides which sound to pick.
  • Olimar's monolog when he finds the Analog Computer includes the text "it's a little bit too vague, so it isn't very helpful.[5], leaving some players to believe that the ship part is actually not needed in order to escape PNF-404. Despite the misleading message, the ship part is mandatory.

Myths and rumors

Some things are believed or rumored to be true by the community. Some of them have been concluded to be true or false, while others remain a mystery.

300 days

At one point, a rumor was spread that the Pikmin 2 saved game data would be deleted or reset after day 300, a seemingly unreachable future. As a result, it was also believed for quite some time that the final day the Ujadani could spawn on was the 301st. Since then, quite a few players have played the game for over 300 days, without any adverse effects.

Blue Pikmin are more likely to be eaten

It was long theorized that Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 2 are more likely to be picked when an enemy lunges at the player's group. This was never proven to be true nor false.

Brittany is from Coppa Lee

Some time after the Pikmin 3 Japanese website was put up, English-speaking fans attempted to translate the documents to gather information about the new leaders. Due to the misuse of Google Translate, the "translation" for コッパイ? was "Coppa Lee".[6] In addition, it was thought that the word right next to it, ?, meant that Koppai is a star, but in the correct context, it's referring to how Brittany is one of Koppaite's stars, in the sense of bright people.

Three Pikmin carrying a 1 pellet

It is believed that, in Pikmin, it is possible for three Pikmin to carry the same 1 pellet. At the moment, it is not known if this is true, or the result of misinterpretation of some images and videos.

Shigeru Miyamoto confirms that Pikmin is post-human extinction

It is often said[7] that Shigeru Miyamoto, the series's creator, has confirmed in an interview that the events of the Pikmin series take place on Earth, in a time after humans have become extinct. This cannot be taken as true however, since there has never been evidence of Miyamoto saying or hinting at this, in an interview or otherwise.

Beady Long Legs escape glitch

One well known, but hardly reproduced glitch in Pikmin involves luring the Beady Long Legs out of its intended arena, where it can roam the terrain freely. It can also crash the game if it falls into the bottomless pit of The Forest Navel. So far, there have been no footage or even reports of this glitch happening, which raises the question of how it got documented in the first place.

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