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Taste Sensation

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Taste Sensation Treasure Hoard icon.
Artwork of the Taste Sensation.
Number 26
Series Gourmet Series
Value Poko icon.png × 40
Weight 15
Maximum carriers 25 Pikmin
Location Snagret Hole
Challenge Mode levels None

The Taste Sensation (ふるさとの味?, lit.: "Home Taste") is a treasure found in Pikmin 2. Although often mistaken to be a makizushi, it is actually a onigiri, or Japanese rice ball, with a pickled plum in the center.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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The Taste Sensation is found on Sublevel 2 of the Snagret Hole and is randomly located somewhere in the open field. Many enemies may hinder this treasure's journey to the Ship.


Olimar's journal

Some things on this world can't be understood, no matter how much I analyze them. For instance, this is the first time I've tasted this, yet it has a nostalgic taste. It's inexplicable! It tastes like something my mom has made for me by hand.

Sales pitch

In this modern world of artificial foods, all things taste the same, despite your dear tongue buds. If that describes you, then this is for you. Its flavor is the balm to heal your wounded soul!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ふるさとの味?
Furusato no Aji
Home Taste
Flag of France French Sensation Authentique Authentic Sensation
Flag of Germany German Delikates Erlebnis Delicate Experience
Flag of Italy Italian Suscitatore di Gusto Taste Stimulator (also a pun on the word sushi)
Flag of Spain Spanish Sabrosa sensación Tasty sensation