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Personal-Injury Plank

Personal-Injury Plank
Pikmin 4 treasure
Treasure Catalog icon.
Treasure Catalog icon for the Personal-Injury Plank.
Series Ultra-Hyper-Technology Series
Value Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 80
Weight 5
Maximum carriers 10
Locations Industrial Maze
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Total amount 1
"Fingerboard" redirects here. For the fingerboard Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom, see Decor Pikmin.

The Personal-Injury Plank (ストリート・トロッコ?, lit.: "Street Trolley") is a treasure in Pikmin 4 located in the Industrial Maze. It is actually a fingerboard. It has "F.BOARD" printed on its top, and has a graffiti design reading "GREAT" on its underside.

Collecting the treasureEdit

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This treasure can be found in sublevel 1 of the Industrial Maze. It is atop a tall metal platform, on the floor where Oatchi lands, north of the base. This platform is too high to be reached by most Pikmin, but Yellow Pikmin can reach it. Alternatively, you can rush against one of the platform's screws to knock the treasure down. After throwing enough Pikmin on it, head to the buttons, since you will need to control the flow of the moving walkways in order to let the Pikmin carry the object back. They must go through 3 walkways in total, and all of them are visible from the buttons, so it should not be difficult to press them at the right time.


Schnauz's notesEdit

To use this mode of transportation, you must stand on the trolley and kick the ground to propel yourself forward. You can also sit on the trolley and push yourself along with your hands. It's more thrilling than riding a typical trolley...but also a lot more work.

Olimar's notesEdit

The ability to stay balanced is critical to exploration and space travel. It is OK to lose your balance, as long as you can regain it right away. This tool is perfect for strengthening that skill. The only problem is I can't get it to move forward when I'm on my back...

Louie's notesEdit

Whee! So fun to ride!


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The special Fingerboard Yellow Decor Pikmin.
  • In Pikmin Bloom, the special Fingerboard Yellow Decor Pikmin has a skateboard design very similar to the Personal-Injury Plank.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ストリート・トロッコ?
Sutorīto Torokko
Street Trolley
Chéngzhèn Cǎikuàngchē
Town Mining Car
Chéngzhèn Cǎikuàngchē
Town Mining Car
  Dutch Rolslee Rolling sled
  French Civière individuelle Individual stretcher
  German Personenrollwagen Passenger Trolley
  Italian Carrello personale Personal trolley
  Korean 스트리트 카트
Seuteuriteu Kateu
Street Car
  Portuguese Bonde individual Individual trolley
  Spanish Tranvía personal Personal tram