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Dried plant

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Dried plants are a type of obstacle in Pikmin 4. They resemble a bale of hay, and they're usually found in groups. They can typically only be destroyed through the use of fire starters and they're used to block paths or objects.


It's impossible for any Pikmin to attack or latch onto a bundle of dried plants. However, if the player has a Red Pikmin holding a fire starter in standby, the cursor will be able to lock on to a bundle, after which the player can throw the Pikmin at it. When the fire starter touches the plants, they are set on fire and quickly destroyed. This process destroys all other dried plants near it as well in a chain reaction. Doing this does not use up the fire starter.

If an enemy that is on fire manages to touch a dried plant, it will burn it up just like a fire starter.[1]


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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Italy Italian Pianta secca Dried plant
Flag of Spain Spanish Planta seca Dried plant

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