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A Yellow Pikmin digging a tunnel.
For the pathway that connects two doorways in Hey! Pikmin, see doorway.

A tunnel is a type of obstacle in Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4. Some walls have tunnels in them which serve as shortcuts between two parts of an area, but when these walls are first found, they are covered in pebbles and dirt. Pikmin must be ordered to open the tunnel, where they will slowly begin cleaning up the clutter. The tunnel cannot be entered until all the gravel has been removed.

Digging speeds[edit]

Main article: Dig#Digging speeds.

There are two phases for digging a tunnel. The first phase consists in digging the entrance to the tunnel, and the second one consists in digging inside the tunnel. During the first phase, different Pikmin types will dig at different speeds, whereas in the second one, every Pikmin will dig at the same speed. The following table lists relative digging speeds, based on the most "normal" Pikmin type, the Blue Pikmin.

Type Pikmin 3
Red Pikmin 1.5×
Rock Pikmin 2.0×
Yellow Pikmin 1.0×
Winged Pikmin 0.5×
Blue Pikmin 1.0×
Purple Pikmin 1.5×
White Pikmin 0.5×

These digging speeds are exactly the same as each Pikmin type's relative attack power. It's possible to see that Yellow Pikmin are not given any speed improvement, compared to when they are digging a buried fruit.

Narrow tunnel[edit]

Narrow tunnels are a variant of normal tunnels. Due to their size, Oatchi is unable to go through them; except this, they work just like normal tunnels.


Pikmin 3
Pikmin 4


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Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ヨコ穴?
Yoko Ana
Horizontal hole
Flag of Germany German Tunnel -
Flag of Italy Italian Tunnel -

Narrow tunnel

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Language Name Meaning

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