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Stony Flint Beetle

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Stony Flint Beetle In-game icon.
A Stony Flint Beetle in the Creature Log. Enhanced with Citra.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Lithelytra sisyphons
Family Flint beetle
Areas Peculiar Rockfall
Attacks Push iron blocks

The Stony Flint Beetle (イワオシコガネ?, lit.: "Rock Pushing Scarab") is an enemy in Hey! Pikmin. It is light-gray and beetle-like, with two yellow eyes on stalks. It has four legs, with its hind legs being much larger then the front ones. It has various dark gray stripes around it, and is about two times the width of Olimar, although it is often on its hind legs, making it two times taller. It also has two wings that are only visible when it decides to fly, and open its exoskeleton. It will push any iron blocks nearby, which can kill Pikmin if the blocks land on and crush them. It is a very rare enemy, only appearing in Peculiar Rockfall.


The Stony Flint Beetle will push any iron block it finds using its strong legs. It will continue trying to push even if Pikmin are moving it in the opposite direction. Once the block reaches a wall or falls in a gap, the beetle will fly offscreen. It will also fly away in retreat if the player attempts to crush it with an iron block.


  • Lushlife Murk
    • Peculiar Rockfall: Although this is the only area where they can be found, they are very common here. They act as the main "gimmick" of the level, as their block-pushing abilities serve as a unique obstacle and puzzle element.


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Even if the creature is exposed to the player, it cannot be killed. The only way to get rid of it is to push back the blocks it pushes. The rock will inevitably reach a ledge, and the Stony Flint Beetle pushing it will fly away.


Hey! Pikmin logs

Its carapace is as hard as steel. It often uses its strong hind legs to push rocks, though it's not clear why. Is it hoarding them for some purpose? Watching it reminds me that sometimes in life,

it's as important to pull as it is to push. I wish I could put that in beetle terms for this guy.


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  • Common name: Stony Flint Beetle. The Stony part of the Flint Beetle name is due to its appearance and habitat.
  • Japanese nickname: イワオシコガネ?, lit.: "Rock Pushing Scarab"
  • Japanese name: テツコガネチカラモチ?, lit.: "Iron Scarab Muscleman"
  • Scientific name: Lithelytra sisyphons. Lithelytra comes lithos (Greek for stone) and elytra. Sisyphons comes from the name Sisyphus, a Greek king punished by pushing a boulder forever, a reference to how the Stony Flint Beetle pushes iron blocks.
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese イワオシコガネ?
Iwa Oshi Kogane
Rock Pushing Scarab
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Rotsharnaskever
Flag of France French Scarabée rocheux Rocky beetle
Flag of Germany German Litholex From Greek Lithos (rock)
Flag of Italy Italian Irdottero lapiedo
Flag of South Korea Korean 돌덩구리
Flag of Spain Spanish Escarabajo de sílex rocónido


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