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Muggonfly In-game icon.
A Muggonfly in the Creature Log. Enhanced with Citra.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Draco saccusporum
Family Scarpanid
Areas Olimar's Madcap Ride
Attacks None

The Muggonfly (キノミドラゴムシ?, lit.: "Nut Dragon Bug") is a rare enemy in Hey! Pikmin, appearing only in Olimar's Madcap Ride. It is a massive insect that flies slowly and close to the ground, in reach of Pikmin that are thrown. It carries several sacks of Sparklium Seeds dangling from its body that, when broken, spill out all the seeds onto the floor. The creature looks similar to the Coppellers, except much larger, with a long body that trails behind the head, and wings.


The Muggonfly will simply fly forward, bobbing up and down. Although throwing Pikmin at the Sparklium sacks that it holds will make it drop them, the beast will not react and will just keep moving forward.


  • Lushlife Murk
    • Olimar's Madcap Ride: The only Muggonfly in the game appears here. Near the middle of the level, there is a short "rest section", where the player briefly gets off the Adult Centipares and walks on normal land. The beast is found just above here as it slowly flies towards the right of the screen, until the player eventually has to walk off the platform, leaving it behind.


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The enemy is impossible to kill, but it can't hurt you either. The only way it can benefit you is with the Sparklium Seeds it holds. To obtain them, quickly attack each sack with Pikmin from left to right, to get them all before it flies off-screen.


Hey! Pikmin logs

I notice it hates to let go of the seeds it collects. It must have more mouths to feed back at its nest. Oh, no... I just thought about my own children and made myself so sad for these poor creatures.


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  • Common name: Muggonfly. From "dragonfly", the name of a real life creature that the Muggonfly seems to be based after.
  • Japanese nickname: キノミドラゴムシ?. Same as its Japanese name.
  • Japanese name: キノミドラゴムシ?, lit.: "Nut Dragon Bug".
  • Scientific name: Draco saccusporum.
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese キノミドラゴムシ?
Ki no Mi Dorago Mushi
Nut Dragon Bug
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Zamenljuffer
Flag of France French Hélibellule Portmanteau of hélicoptère (helicopter) and libellule (dragonfly)
Flag of Germany German Schatzibelle From Schatz (treasure) and Libelle (dragonfly); also possible is Schatzi (pet-name for a loved one) and the French belle (good)
Flag of Italy Italian Elicottera
Flag of South Korea Korean 나무열매용벌레
Flag of Spain Spanish Mangánula


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  • Olimar notes in the creature log that it hates it when it loses its seeds. However, the Muggonfly does not react at all when its seeds fall, so there is no way he can know this.

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