Official render of Oatchi.
Name Oatchi
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Golden
Home planet Giya
Known related characters Shepherd, player's character
Height Unknown
First game Pikmin 4
Latest game Pikmin 4

Oatchi (オッチン?) is a Rescue Pup, a type of space dog that is part of the Rescue Corps. In-game, he is the companion of the player's character, assisting them with transportation, by working like a Pikmin, by performing specialized tasks, and by serving as a secondary leader if the two are separated. His breed of space dogs has long served the Shepherd family, and he obeyed only Erma Shepherd, the captain of the Rescue Corps, until the player's character appeared. Like his owner, he is from the planet Giya.


Squad memberEdit

Normally, Oatchi is a part of the player's squad, just like a Pikmin. In the same way the player can throw or charge a Pikmin towards a task, they can point Oatchi to one. Like a Pikmin or leader, Oatchi can become idle, and he will do some nearby tasks on his own, like taking down Pellet Posies, but won't do others like carrying. When idling, his tail will glow like an idle Pikmin's leaf, bud, or flower.


If the player's character and Oatchi get separated, be it incidentally, by dismissing, or by choosing to switch control between the two, Oatchi will be able to act independently, and even be controlled like one would control a leader.

While separated, Oatchi is able to walk around the area freely like a leader, and even jump. These actions can both be done by the player while controlling him, or be done automatically with Go Here! When Pikmin are in Oatchi's squad, they jump on his hips. Because they're all close together, this has the benefit of not having the squad of Pikmin spread out on the floor, meaning it is harder for enemy attacks to hit or for Pikmin to fall behind, especially on thin pathways with no guard rails from falling below. During manual control, he can whistle and throw Pikmin or items, the former being done by what is called "bark" in-game, and the latter being done by Oatchi biting the thing in question and flinging it. He can also continue to perform tasks as if he was still a squad member. He cannot charge Pikmin, as this function is replaced by his Rush ability. When told to follow a scent, the blue puffs of smoke appear on the trail to it, but Oatchi will only follow it automatically if the player is taking control of the player character.

If the player's character whistles Oatchi in this state, he will return to being a part of the squad. If Oatchi whistles the leader instead, they will hop on Oatchi's back to ride them.


When Oatchi is nearby, the player's character and their Pikmin can ride on his back and hips. Like with controlling Oatchi solo, this helps avoid stray Pikmin casualties. While riding Oatchi, the player takes control of both him and the player character at once, and different gameplay mechanics work as if the player was controlling a specific one:

  • Throwing and whistling is done by the riding leader.
  • Walking around is done by Oatchi, as is jumping, rushing, swimming, and biting, and Oatchi takes damage when the player is attacked (though the player character can be thrown off). The player can transport objects as if they were controlling Oatchi solo. When following a scent, Oatchi will follow it on his own. When drinking nectar, Oatchi will stop to do so while the leader can keep throwing and whistling.


Oatchi is a character alongside the player's character. Both of them have their independent health, and can be knocked down if that health reaches zero. If Oatchi comes into contact with a hazard, he will be affected in a similar way to Pikmin if he is not currently immune to them. For instance, if Oatchi gets hurt by fire, he'll run around in a panic with his tail ablaze and his HP dropping, and the player's character will have to whistle him in order to extinguish him. If the player is controlling Oatchi directly, they can mash   to save him if he is suffering from a hazard.

Some of the gear available at the lab can be applied to Oatchi as well, though they must be bought with raw material separately from the leader's version of the upgrade. Oatchi's version costs more raw materials to purchase than the leader's equivalent.


Training is unlocked after Oatchi grows up, which happens once Russ is saved. By talking to Shepherd in the Rescue Command Post as the player character, it is possible to train Oatchi in order to unlock new skills or level up existing ones. This can only be done if Oatchi has enough drive to learn new tricks, indicated in-game by a point system called Pup Drive. Each skill costs a different amount of Pup Drive. Pup Drive is increased by 1 for every rescued castaway, and another for every cured leafling.

In the training menu, the player can see how much Pup Drive is available, a list of available and known skills, and the current level of each. They are also capable of learning more about what each level does.

Five of Oatchi's skills are already a part of Oatchi's skillset from the get go: buff, chomp, rush, dig, and command. Some others are learned automatically through story progression instead of being taught by Shepherd with Pup Drive.



Oatchi is capable of carrying objects by biting them and dragging them, either solo or alongside Pikmin. In addition, Oatchi can also push obstacles like paper bags. He can do these things when ordered like a Pikmin, or if being controlled by the player, when the player approaches the task and presses  . He will keep working until the player, as Oatchi, cancels with  , or when whistled. Without Rush Boots, Oatchi carries objects at the same speed as an average leaf Pikmin.

For piles such as Gold Nuggets and raw materials, Oatchi will store the object in his mouth while he walks instead of dragging it, spitting it out at his destination.

Leveling up Buff increases Oatchi's strength, allowing him to lift heavier objects. Each level of Buff costs one Pup Drive.

  • Buff level 1: Strength of 3 Pikmin. Oatchi starts at this level by default.
  • Buff level 2: Strength of 5 Pikmin.
  • Buff level 3: Strength of 10 Pikmin.

Super BuffEdit

Super Buff is a skill that becomes available after Buff has reached level 3. Each level of Super Buff costs two Pup Drive.

  • Super Buff level 1: Strength of 20 Pikmin.
  • Super Buff level 2: Strength of 30 Pikmin.
  • Super Buff level 3: Strength of 100 Pikmin.


Warning: the following text contains major spoilers about Pikmin 4's postgame.

Swallow allows Oatchi to carry more than just small things in his mouth. Once unlocked, if Oatchi is directed to carry something that no Pikmin are, and he is able to carry it by himself at his current strength, he will store the whole item in his mouth and walk to his destination. While this prevents the player from adding carriers to make it go faster, it has the following benefits:

  • An object can be swallowed and relocated even if it has become positioned in a way that Pikmin are having trouble circling it to pick it up.
  • If Oatchi encounters an enemy, he will spit out the object and fight the enemy. Assuming he wins, he will automatically go back to carrying the object.
  • The object does not occupy space, which can help clear traffic jams with many treasures on thin routes.
  • Oatchi can use Swallow to steal an object right out of a Breadbug's grip, causing it to flee; stealing from a Giant Breadbug causes it to get angry and charge. While this makes it easier to collect the item, it makes it harder to kill the Breadbug, as doing so deals no damage. In the same way, he can steal objects from opposing Pikmin in Dandori Battles, from where it must be forced out of him before the enemy can try to take it back.
  • Oatchi can go through pup tunnels with Swallow to take shortcuts.

This skill is taught by Olimar after rescuing him and learning Super Buff level 3. It costs no Pup Drive and only has one level. Olimar himself learned about the Swallow skill from Moss, who developed the ability after they recovered 23 ship parts. Once unlocked, Oatchi cannot carry an object normally by himself, unless he is carrying it with Pikmin and the Pikmin are called off.


When commanded by the player's character, Oatchi will run at an enemy and attack them by biting. When controlling him (and without having Pikmin), chomp can be used with   like how one would punch with a leader. If Oatchi is idling near a target or is attacked by an enemy, he will automatically start to chomp whether he is commanded to or not. If the enemy leaves Oatchi's attack range e.g. by jumping, Oatchi will consider the fight over and either return to idling or rejoin the player.

Leveling up Chomp increases Oatchi's attack damage. Each level of Chomp costs two Pup Drive.

  • Chomp level 1: Chomp deals 35 damage (compared to a Blue Pikmin's 10 damage). Oatchi starts at this level by default.
  • Chomp level 2: Chomp deals 55 damage.
  • Chomp level 3: Chomp deals 75 damage.

Big ChompEdit

Big Chomp is a skill that becomes available after Chomp has reached level 3. Learning Big Chomp allows Oatchi to bite in midair, either automatically, or by pressing   after a jump. Each level of Big Chomp costs three Pup Drive.

  • Big Chomp level 1: Chomp deals 90 damage.
  • Big Chomp level 2: Chomp deals 105 damage.
  • Big Chomp level 3: Chomp deals 120 damage.


Oatchi can charge at enemies or obstacles. For example, he can smash open jars and frozen objects, or ram into walls to knock down hard-to-reach items. It can also provide enough speed to run against the direction of conveyor belts or instantly burst any frozen hydro jellies. When Pikmin are riding Oatchi, he can also launch the Pikmin directly onto an enemy or obstacle when rushing into them.

It can be performed by holding and releasing  , be it by being ordered by the player's character or when the player is controlling Oatchi directly. While the button is pressed, an orange ring-shaped gauge appears with Oatchi's face on it and fills as the button is held down. An arrow also appears on the ground indicating where Oatchi will go. If the button is released after the gauge is full, the rush will start, but if released before that the process will be canceled. Before releasing the button, the player may press another button to cancel. While rushing, if the player controls Oatchi, he can be slightly veered left and right. Oatchi can usually only rush for a few seconds before screeching to a halt on his own, or sooner if the player presses   mid-rush. After rushing, the same gauge will appear with a grey ring instead, slowly depleting to indicate the cooldown between Oatchi's rushes.

When rushing against an enemy, the result depends on how powerful the rush skill is and how tough the enemy is. Oatchi will run straight through lighter enemies like the Dwarf Bulborb or Water Dumple. Medium-sized enemies like the Fiery Blowhog will be knocked slightly in the air. Meanwhile, heavier enemies and bosses will be unmoved. Lighter enemies also take much more damage compared to heavier enemies.

Oatchi's slam will knock down nearby objects in tall ledges in a fixed radius around him, meaning the player does not need to hit the wall that a thing is on in order to knock it down specifically. This radius will also automatically pluck any nearby sprouts, regardless of what he slams against.

Leveling up Rush grants different effects, either reducing charge time or increasing damage. Each level of Rush costs three Pup Drive. Damage values for Rush were measured against the Fiery Blowhog, but share similar results with other creatures.

  • Rush level 1: Oatchi charges his rush in 2 seconds. He has a five-second cooldown after Rush is finished. Oatchi starts at this level by default.
  • Rush level 2: Charge time decreases to 1.6 seconds.
  • Rush level 3: Rush deals about 20% more damage.

Mega RushEdit

Mega Rush is a skill that becomes available after Rush has reached level 3. Learning Mega Rush allows Oatchi to stun larger creatures on impact. Stun time is variable, similar to damage. Each Level of Mega Rush costs four Pup Drive.

  • Mega Rush level 1: Charge time decreases to 1.4 seconds.
  • Mega Rush level 2: Rush deals an additional 20% more damage, for a total of +40%.
  • Mega Rush level 3: Rush's stun lasts almost twice as long, and its charge time is decreased to 1.3 seconds.


By pressing  , Oatchi will perform a small jump. This is required in order to get up some small ledges that the player's character and their Pikmin cannot go over alone. This skill is unlocked automatically the day after Russ is rescued, costs no Pup Drive, and only has one level.


When sending Oatchi with  , he can excavate objects like Pikmin, such as buried treasure, cave entrances, or dirt mounds. He can also do this if the player is controlling him solo, approaches the task, and presses  , after which he can be stopped manually by pressing  .

Leveling up Dig increases Oatchi's Digging Speed. Each level of Dig costs one Pup Drive. Measurements for digging speeds are approximate.

  • Dig level 1: Oatchi digs at 16× speed. Oatchi starts at this level by default.
  • Dig level 2: Oatchi digs at 28× speed.
  • Dig level 3: Oatchi digs at 52× speed.


When Oatchi is first led into water, a cutscene will play showing him failing to swim. Two in-game days later, he becomes able to swim, learning this skill upon arriving at the selected area (so it cannot be upgraded that day). If he has not yet grown, learning to swim will be delayed until then.

While swimming, Oatchi's back and hips are above the water, allowing the player's character and any Pikmin riding him to continue doing so as he crosses a body of water. Leveling Up Doggy-Paddle increases Oatchi's performance in the water. Each level of Doggy-Paddle costs two Pup Drive. Swim speed is also affected by the Rush Boots.

  • Doggy-Paddle level 1: Oatchi swims with a 33% movement speed penalty. Oatchi learns this level automatically, costing no Pup Drive. Oatchi also gains a resistance to panicking from water-based attacks and hazards.
  • Doggy-Paddle level 2: Oatchi swims with a 16.5% movement speed penalty.
  • Doggy-Paddle level 3: Oatchi gains the ability to dive, allowing him to attack underwater enemies and obstacles, as well as carry objects underwater.


Pluck allows Oatchi to pluck Pikmin sprouts. Further levels increase the speed at which he can pluck. Each level of Pluck costs one Pup Drive. Measurements for plucking speeds are approximate. The number in parentheses is when Oatchi plucks multiple Pikmin in a row.

  • Pluck level 1: Oatchi is able to pluck Pikmin sprouts every 0.75 (0.3) seconds. This is the same speed as the captain.
  • Pluck level 2: Oatchi plucks Pikmin sprouts every 0.7 (0.25) seconds.
  • Pluck level 3: Oatchi plucks Pikmin sprouts every 0.6 (0.2) seconds.


Heal is a skill that allows Oatchi to automatically regain his health over time. Each level of Heal costs three Pup Drive. Exact numbers have yet to be determined.

  • Heal level 1: Oatchi is able to heal himself over time.
  • Heal level 2: Oatchi heals faster than before.
  • Heal level 3: Oatchi heals even faster than before.


Commands are a set of tasks the player can give to Oatchi, accessible with  , or with a mapped shortcut. Each level of Commands costs three Pup Drive. All commands except for "Pick Up a Scent" may also be provided from Oatchi to the player character, if they are separated.

  • Command level 1: Oatchi can pick up scents, specifically for castaways and treasures. When Oatchi picks up a scent, blue smoke particles appear allowing the player to visually follow the path. If not controlling Oatchi, he will follow it automatically to its source. Oatchi starts at this level by default.
    • Pick Up a Scent: Oatchi sniffs out for any important thing, typically one that is important for story progression.
      • Castaways: Oatchi will locate any castaways nearby.
      • Leaflings: Oatchi will locate any leaflings nearby (requires at least one found leafling to use).
      • Olimar: Oatchi will locate Olimar.
      • This Leafling: Oatchi will locate the red leafling often found in Dandori Battle caves.
      • Louie: Oatchi will locate Louie.
      • Treasure: Oatchi will locate any treasure nearby.
      • Onions: Oatchi will locate any Onions or Flarlic.
      • Raw Materials: Oatchi will find any raw materials nearby.
      • (Type) Pikmin: Oatchi will locate Pikmin of a certain type and bring them to the player's character. Only Pikmin that do not currently have an Onion may be selected.
    • Defend Lumiknoll: Oatchi will circle the Lumiknoll and attack enemies that approach it. In night missions with two Lumiknolls, each one has their own option.
  • Command level 2: Oatchi learns "Come Here" and "Go to Base". This also enables Go Here! for him and the player character.
    • Come Here: If separated from Oatchi, the player can call him to their current location.
    • Go to Base: Oatchi will head to the current base.
  • Command level 3: Oatchi learns "Gather Pikmin".
    • Gather Pikmin: Oatchi will find any stray Pikmin not performing tasks and bring them to the player's character.

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers about Pikmin 4 endgame rewards.

Infinite Rush

Once Oatchi has been taught every skill by Shepherd, as well as the additional skill by Olimar, he is capable of learning one final "Legendary Skill": the Infinite Rush. This costs eight Pup Drive, and as the name suggests, allows Oatchi to run during his rush for as long as desired; stopped only by hitting a wall or pressing  . The Infinite Rush does not activate if Oatchi was told to rush by the player as a squad member, while not being controlled. It only has one level.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Oatchi has golden fur, with orange spots on his back, a thin tail that usually ends in a white tuft, two legs in total, two floppy ears, a collar, blue eyes, and no visible nose. Despite his alien appearance, he barks like a real dog. After curing Bernard, his tail will turn into a leaf. This is reverted upon obtaining the Gift of Friendship.

Oatchi's personality is much like some real dogs. Being high in energy and friendliness he licks the faces of people he meets, barks at animals that approach him, chases his tail, and enjoys having bones tossed to him. Pikmin initially scare him, but once he reaches his full size he allows them to play on his back.


Pikmin Garden bioEdit




出身星 カギヤ星


関係者 隊長、あなた

趣味 散歩、遊ぶこと

夢 ?


New Rescue Pup of the Rescue Corps


Home planet: Giya

A descendant of the space dogs that have served the captain's family for generations, Oatchi is a new Rescue Pup that the captain has high expectations for. He faithfully follows the instructions of his trusted partner. He is of a rare breed, whose native planet is not known.

Related persons: the captain, you

Hobbies: walking, playing

Dreams: ?


Oatchi's English name is derived from his Japanese name, オッチン?, which is based on a command for dogs to sit.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese オッチン?
おっちん? is a dialect of sit, a command to the dog.
From Japanese name
From Japanese name
  Dutch Otsjin From Japanese name
  French Otchin From Japanese name
  German Otschin From Japanese name
  Italian Occin From Japanese name
  Korean 와치
From English name
  Spanish Ochin From Japanese name
  Portuguese Otchin From Japanese name
  Swedish Oatchi


  • Oatchi will squint his eyes if he is near an enemy. Moss will also do this in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale.
    • Strangely, Oatchi will do the same thing if near the Gildemander and Gildemandwee's fake golds, suggesting the gold is counted as a enemy.
  • In her description for Super Buff level 3, Shepherd questions whether there is anything Oatchi cannot carry with a strength of 100. There are in fact two such retrievable objects: the King of Meats with a weight of 300, and the Golden Vaulting Table with a weight of 1000.


See alsoEdit

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers about Pikmin 4 's final boss.