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Switch gate

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Since this subject has no official name, the name "Switch gate" is conjectural.

Switch gates are gates in Pikmin 4 that can be either raised (blocking a path) or lowered (allowing passage), and are toggled with switches. There are three types: white gates can be lowered with single-button switches and cannot be raised afterwards, and red gates and blue gates can be toggled between their raised and lowered states with 2-button switches, such that at all times, one of the two colors is raised and the other is lowered. They are made of brushed metal, and the color comes from a thin illuminated strip at the bottom of the gate that is only visible when the gate is raised.


  • Doppelgänger's Den sublevel 2: There are 3 red gates and 4 blue gates on this sublevel, and toggling their status is necessary to collect all the treasures.
  • Frozen Inferno sublevel 3: There is 1 white gate on this sublevel that blocks the hole to the next sublevel, and the button to lower it is underwater and requires the blocks of ice to get broken for it to be dissipated to press.
  • Toggle Training: There are 3 red gates and 3 blue gates in this Dandori Challenge, and the routes Pikmin take is dependent on which gates are down.
  • Gimmick Gambit: There are 3 white gates in this Dandori Challenge, each one lowered by a different switch.


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