Piki Plucker

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Piki Plucker
Screenshot of a new game of Piki Plucker.
Start of a new save file.
Japanese name ピキプラッカー?
Console PC, Mobile
Developer Nintendo EPD
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Idle game
Players 1
Release date
Japan April 1st, 2020
North America April 1st, 2020
Europe April 1st, 2020
Australia April 1st, 2020
South Korea April 1st, 2020

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To play the game, click here. The URL has been updated, so you will need to import a save file or start from scratch.

Piki Plucker is a Pikmin game released in April of 2020. It is the first of a series of experimental titles released by Nintendo to tap into the PC and mobile market. As a result, its gameplay is quite different from the usual games in the series. It is available to play for free in the link above.

Players are tasked with amassing the highest number of Pikmin they can. To do so, they click on Onions, with each click generating one Pikmin. Eventually, the task becomes too monotonous and so players are given the chance to spend some of their earned Pikmin on farms and upgrades. Farms will create automated Pikmin farms, that generate new Pikmin over time, and upgrades make existing gameplay mechanics more powerful. On occasion, Cupid's Grenades will appear, granting the player with a boost in numbers, or killing off some Pikmin.

As the player reaches higher and higher Pikmin totals, they unlock achievements, which represent treasures. Since the player can obtain many more Pikmin than the usual 100 in the main games, these treasures are larger than the usual handheld items of the real world.



The game starts off with Red Pikmin. As the player progresses, they can purchase Onions and obtain Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Rock Pikmin, and Winged Pikmin, in that order. Later still, the player can obtain Ivory Candypop Buds, allowing them to convert Pikmin into White Pikmin, and finally, Violet Candypop Buds, to allow the creation of Purple Pikmin.


The first farm takes on the form of leaders helping around and generating Pikmin. Then, a series of Pellet Posy farms, one for each color. From then on, all farms are based on enemy harvesting. The following enemies can be farmed:


Some upgrades give the player new Onions and Candypop Buds. Two upgrades increase the expertise of leader farms, three increase the number that appear on the pellets of Pellet Posies, and three upgrade the maturity and spicy status of Pikmin in their farms. Two upgrades make Cupid's Grenades more powerful. Afterwards, there are upgrades locked behind boss battles:

The first three increase the number of Pikmin produced per click, the fourth increases Cupid's Grenade frequency, and the final increases Pikmin farm efficiency.


Some of the treasures obtained in the achievements are treasures from Pikmin 2, but the majority refer to new things. There are 12 treasures altogether.

  • Courage Reactor icon.png Courage Reactor
  • Spherical Atlas icon.png Spherical Atlas
  • Doomsday Apparatus icon.png Doomsday Apparatus
  • Mobile Forest (a Bearded Collie)
  • Giga Hocotatian (a sleeping girl; belonging to a painting from Bernhard Keil)
  • Rectangular Ship (a washing machine)
  • Mirror Castle (a car)
  • Hungry Blowhog (an elephant)
  • Sludgy Slide (a humpback whale)
  • Village Network (a house)
  • Space Anchor (the Eiffel Tower)
  • Warehouse Warehouse (the Colombo Express)

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