Ninjabunny Dwarf Bulborb

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This is the true form of the Dwarf Red Bulborb article. To see the real one, go here. The name is si enam heT

Ninjabunny1234/Dwarf Red Bulborb In-game icon.

Dwarf bulborb.png

Appears in PikminPikmin 2Pikmin 3
Scientific name Ninjii bunius bulbio
Family Squeadsqug
Areas Ninjabunny Land, snowy
Caves CaV o, Holee ov Her
Challenge Mode levels Wtr lad, lst palace, Do Do Do Do Do Dora, lst wudz, nuw pikm, fie blahog, enemie spm, rivr, elemin tra, unhety plae, finl bas
Collect treasure! levels hawyee, hugy pac, darcc flaw, oter darcc flaw, smelly
Battle enemies! levels Tropical Forest, Thirsty Desert, Formidable Oak Remix, Fortress of Festivity, Clockwork Chasm
2-Player Battle levels c, 2 lat, Piki Park, bot
Bingo Battle levels Shaded Terrace, Stagnant Sea, Twisted Cavern, Arid Metropolis, Rusted Labyrinth, Jigsaw Fortress, Blooming Terrace, Parched Brook, Buried Pond, Sandpit Kingdom, Corroded Maze, Jigsaw Colosseum

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