The Final Trial

The landing site of The Final Trial.

High definition map of The Final Trial. This was made by taking screenshots using Dolphin's free camera mode, stitching them together with Hugin, and readjusting any details with GIMP.

Ship parts 1
Requirements Collect 29 ship parts
Music The Final Trial

The Final Trial (最後の試練?, lit.: "Final Ordeal") is the fifth and final area in Pikmin. It is set in a sandy forest and has a complex layout that encourages the use of all three Pikmin types. As its name suggests, it serves as a final test of the player's knowledge on the Pikmin. It is unlocked by collecting 29 ship parts, one less than the total number of parts. The final ship part, the Secret Safe, is found within the Emperor Bulblax, the final boss of the game, in this area. This area was reused in Pikmin 2 as part of the Wistful Wild.

General layoutEdit

Map of all ship parts and the location of the ship in The Final Trial.

In the south of the area lies the landing site, along with three different types of Candypop Bud. (Since Pikmin cannot be produced here unless the boss is killed, these are the only way to increase the population of a Pikmin type (at the expense of another type).) To the north, the area "splits" into three paths. The left path focuses on Red Pikmin, due to the fire geysers. The center path contains water which only Blue Pikmin can traverse through. And the path on the right contains bomb-rocks, which only Yellow Pikmin can hold. The central part of the area contains a small pool of water. To the west of it, there is a narrow path with fire geysers. To the east are a group of small islands with 8 bomb-rocks, although sometimes 9 appear instead. In the middle of the pool are two bridges and a normal stone gate. To the north is a cardboard box.

The arena where the Emperor Bulblax is fought and a wall that leads to three pipes with 15 bomb-rocks each lies at the northernmost part of the area. On the far west of the pool is a ledge with no hazards, meaning Olimar can throw additional Pikmin onto the ledge, then run down to collect them when he reaches the end of the main path.

In Challenge Mode, a Yellow Wollywog is found in the pool and a Beady Long Legs appears once he enters the arena. A Burrowing Snagret is found in the cliffs around it. Smaller enemies are found around Olimar's base, such as a Dwarf Red Bulborb, Dwarf Bulbears and Sheargrubs. Unlike in the other levels, 100 Pikmin are already present on the map, buried in various locations.


Ship partsEdit





In Challenge ModeEdit

Some plateaus with Pikmin sprouts in Challenge Mode.
Fighting the Beady Long Legs in Challenge Mode.

The Final Trial is unique among Challenge Mode stages in that the player starts with 100 Pikmin, enough to reach the Pikmin limit. However, most of these Pikmin are scattered around the area in small groups of sprouts, meaning to expand their squad size, the player doesn't have to collect the objects near the landing site, they have to explore the area for the other sprouts, while collecting things at the same time to increase the total number of Pikmin. The boss arena contains a Beady Long Legs, and there is also a Burrowing Snagret nearby. The maximum number of Pikmin obtainable is 299 and the time limit is 13 minutes and 30 seconds, the same as a normal day.

Object breakdownEdit

Pikmin source Seeds Amount Total
Starting Reds 34 34
Starting Yellows 33 33
Starting Blues 33 33
Red 1 pellets 2 1 2
Red 5 pellets 5 1 5
Red 10 pellets 10 2 20
Yellow 1 pellets 2 1 2
Yellow 5 pellets 5 1 5
Yellow 10 pellets 10 2 20
Blue 1 pellets 2 1 2
Blue 5 pellets 5 1 5
Blue 20 pellets 20 1 20
Beady Long Legs 40 1 40
Burrowing Snagret 29 1 29
Dwarf Bulbear 5 1 5
Dwarf Bulborb 4 4 16
Female Sheargrub 2 3 6
Male Sheargrub 3 3 9
Yellow Wollywog 13 1 13
Total 299



  • The terrain and surroundings of this area, along with the terrain and surroundings of The Impact Site, make up the layout for the Wistful Wild in Pikmin 2, with the exception of the places where the two map layouts meet. In addition, the object around the Emperor Bulblax's arena is confirmed to be a sideways tire rim, as evident by the filename of its texture in Pikmin 2: last_wheel_s3tc.
  • Although it is intended that all 3 types are used to complete this area, it can be completed with just Yellow Pikmin. This can be done by making the Pikmin "swim" to the bridges, and by throwing them over the slanted part of the metal wall between the second bridge and the box, then making the Pikmin run over to said box.
  • Strangely, a Bulborb appears here in the end of day cutscene, as well as in the perfect ending, despite the only visible Grub-dog in the area being the Emperor Bulblax.
  • On New Play Control! Pikmin, it is possible to throw Pikmin directly to the island with the bridges by leaning against the western wall directly to the south of the ledge of the fire geyser path, and throwing Pikmin east so they land on top of the island's metal wall.[1]
  • Upon unlocking The Final Trial, shooting stars will appear at the top of the area selection screen.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese 最後の試練?
Saigo no Shiren
Final Trial
  French (NoA) L'Épreuve finale
L'Epreuve Finale (loading screen)
The Final trial
The Final Trial
  French (NoE) L'Epreuve Finale
L'Épreuve Finale (Switch version)
The Final Trial
  German Der letzte Versuch The final Trial
  Italian Prova finale Final trial
  Korean 마지막 시련
majimag silyeon
Final Trial
  Spanish La Prueba Final The Final Trial

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  1. ^ YouTube video demonstrating the Pikmin in New Play Control! Pikmin being thrown to the island from near the fire geysers (at 0:58)


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