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Reinforced wall

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A reinforced wall in Pikmin 3.

Reinforced walls (also known as rock gates[1] or stone gates[2]) are gates that can only be destroyed with bomb rocks. Pikmin cannot break these stone walls on their own; if they are directed to the wall, they will just tap their stems at them for a bit, before sighing and giving up.

In Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4, three bomb rocks are required to destroy a reinforced wall (except for one wall in the Battle Enemies! version of Clockwork Chasm that only requires one bomb rock). In Pikmin, there are three types of reinforced wall: white walls require three bomb rocks, grey walls require six, and black walls require nine.

In Pikmin 3, reinforced walls seem to be made out of concrete, as pieces of rebar can be seen sticking out of the top. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, most of these walls have a design featuring thin white lines in the shape of Olimar and some Pikmin.


  • The Impact Site: There is a white reinforced wall on the opposite side of the tree stump where one fights the Mamuta or Goolix.
  • The Forest of Hope: There are two reinforced walls near where the player first finds the Yellow Pikmin, and one next to the landing site, all of which are white. One black wall blocks off the alcove with the Extraordinary Bolt.
  • The Forest Navel: There are four reinforced walls scattered around the landing site plateau, serving only to block shortcuts. The first is directly adjacent to the landing site, and is gray. The other gray wall and a black wall lie near the Beady Long Legs arena, providing similar shortcuts – the gray wall is safe as long as the bridge has been unfurled, while the black wall opens a path guarded by mandiblards. The final wall is a black one that provides a direct route from the landing site to the beach covered in Fiery Blowhogs. A fifth gray wall guards the Beady Long Legs directly, and must be taken down to collect the Guard Satellite at any speed.
  • The Distant Spring: Two walls block the landing site from the majority of the land section- a black one directly next to the landing site opens the way to a large space with plenty of Spotty Bulbears, while a gray one blocks a narrow route between a tree stump and a river crawling with Yellow Wollywogs.
  • The Final Trial: One white wall blocks the two bridges in the middle of the area.
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Names in other languages[edit]

Rock wall

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 岩のカベ?
Iwa no kabe
Rock wall

Reinforced wall

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 鉄筋のカべ?
Tekkin no kabe
Reinforced concrete wall
Flag of Spain Spanish Muro reforzado Reinforced wall

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