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Sunsquish In-game icon.
Render of a Sunsquish from the Pikmin Garden website.
Appears in Pikmin 4
Scientific name Ovgoonium soleus
Family Squishsquirt
Areas Hero's Hideaway
Caves Secluded Courtyard, Dream Home
Dandori Challenge stages Ice-Cross Course
Dandori Battle stages None
Attacks Digests Pikmin with its body.

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The Sunsquish (メダマ モチ?, lit.: "Fried Egg Mochi") is a sea squirt-like creature in Pikmin 4 that resembles a fried egg. It has a circular, off-white body with many small tentacles and a round, orange head with two small eyestalks. It attacks by stretching its body upwards and then squashing flat outwards, trapping and digesting Pikmin in its body. They are occasionally found hiding inside nectar eggs.


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Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
1 1 4 Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 3 450


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The Sunsquish can be found either out in the open or inside Eggs. When it is discovered, or when it spots the player or Pikmin, it begins to slowly approach the player until close enough to attack. Once close, it will telegraph an incoming attack by stretching upwards before coming back down, sprawling its membrane in a wide area around itself. Not only does this attack shake Pikmin off of it, it can also catch up to five Pikmin attacking its sides, which it then eats fairly quickly. The player doesn't have to move far before it loses interest in its target, but it will continue to approach if within close proximity of it.


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The Sunsquish appears as a small, egg-like creature. It sports a yellow head with two protruding eyes and a white, ribbed membrane surrounding the head. This membrane can stretch out when attacking, further giving it the appearance of an open egg. It is relatively small compared to most creatures, though when stretched it is wider than most. When it's defeated, this membrane dissipates and the round, yellow head is all that is left.


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As this creature can spawn from eggs that the player opens with Pikmin, extra care should be taken in its home caves to avoid accidents from happening. Sending Oatchi to open eggs is more advisable as he can protect Pikmin from being eaten. The simplest way to defeat the Sunsquish, once revealed, is by throwing any Pikmin at its head, which the game will automatically lock onto. Ice Pikmin are particularly useful, as they allow it to be attacked from its membrane once frozen. The player should be wary of missing its head, as it will snatch up Pikmin trying to attack its otherwise immune membrane. Beyond that, however, the low health of this creature makes it a relatively easy encounter.

Sunsquishes are very vulnerable to Purple Pikmin, as landing one on the enemy's head will kill it in one hit. This is the fastest way to kill Sunsquishes, but they will not be instantly killed if a Purple Pikmin lands on an egg that a Sunsquish is hiding in.


Dalmo's Notes[edit]

This peculiar li'l button has the perfect texture and coloration to pass as an egg fried sunny-side up by a master chef. There's nothing about it that makes it seem threatening. And it looks so yummy! I can't help thinking of a delicious breakfast when I see it!

Olimar's Notes[edit]

A type of primitive organism called a protochordate. In its juvenile state, it has a skeleton-like structure called a notochord. It flaps its finned tail to move and lives within other creatures' eggs as it grows.
As its body develops, it starts to exhibit mollusk-like qualities, but its highly exposed external stomach can directly digest prey on contact and can also be used for locomotion.

Louie's Notes[edit]

Season with salt and pepper.

Pikmin Garden[edit]



特徴 その1 黄身のような体

(Image text: 目のように見える、獲物を感知する感覚器官)

特徴 その2 白身のような胃袋

(Image text: 通常時のおよそ4倍ほどに広がる)


A kind of sea squirt that looks just like a fried egg. As a larva, it has a spine-like structure called a notochord and a tail, and grows inside the eggs of other organisms, resembling a tadpole.

Feature #1: Yolk-like body

Its internal organs are contained within a yolk-like tunic (shell).
(Image text: "Sensory organs that look like eyes and detect prey")

Feature #2: White-like stomach

Its white stomach is exposed on the outside of its body, and it moves by stretching and contracting its folds.
(Image text: "It expands to about four times its normal size")

Other information[edit]

  • Pikmin 4 Piklopedia number: #66


See more: Squishsquirt family#Naming.
  • Common name: Sunsquish. Combination of "sun" from sunny-side up egg, of which it is based off of, and squish, another word for squash to reference its flexibility and how it extends its body out to grab prey.
  • Japanese nickname: メダマモチ?. The "medama" part of its name refers to "medama-yaki" (目玉焼き), meaning "cooked-eyeball", an informal name for fried eggs. It might also be a pun on "目玉", which means centerpiece, referring to its weak point.
  • Japanese name: キミノホヤモチ?, lit.: "Egg Yolk Sea Squirt Mochi".
  • Scientific name: Ovgoonium soleus. "Sol-" can mean "a type of colloid in which a solid is dispersed in a liquid", referring to the egg white. It could also refer to the sun.
  • Internal names: MINIMOCHI. It could possibly be named as a smaller version of the Foolix, whose internal name is MITSUMOCHI, as both disguise themselves in ways you can get nectar.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese メダマモチ?
Medama Mochi
Fried Egg Mochi
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Tàiyangdàn Máshǔ
Fried Egg Mochi
Flag of China Chinese
Tàiyangdàn Máshǔ
Fried Egg Mochi
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Spiegeleigelei Fried egg jelly
Flag of France French Ovoplaffe From "ovo-" (egg) and "plaf" (onomatopoeia for falling in a liquid)
Flag of Germany German Eierling Eggling
Flag of Italy Italian Uovosole Egg sun Pun on uovo sodo (boiled egg)
Flag of South Korea Korean 달걀젤리
Egg Jelly
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Pudinovo Puddinegg The name is a portmanteau of "pudim" (pudding) and "ovo" (egg)
Flag of Spain Spanish Ovicuajo From "ovi" (egg) and "renacuajo" (tadpole)


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