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Bamboo gate

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A bamboo gate.
A bamboo gate.

Bamboo gates are gates made out of bamboo sticks, and are found only in Pikmin 3. They require Winged Pikmin to open, but unlike other gates, these cannot be opened permanently. Each of the five sticks has a pink handle on top, which requires two Winged Pikmin in order to be lifted – as such, ten Winged Pikmin must be issued to lift the entire gate. Until they are called back, they will keep the gate in this opened position, allowing leaders, Pikmin, or even enemies passage underneath. No more than ten Winged Pikmin can lift a single gate, and once they are told to return, they will close it again. If less than all the Winged Pikmin get called back, the gate will fall and any remaining Pikmin will struggle to hold up the gate. If an item gets stuck under a closed bamboo gate, it will glitch back and forth while remaining stuck in the gate. It will be freed if the gate is lifted back up, however.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 竹の柵?
Take no Saku
Bamboo fence
Flag of Germany German Bambuszaun Bamboo fence
Flag of Italy Italian Recinto di bambù Bamboo fence
Flag of Spain Spanish Puerta de bambú Bamboo gate

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