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Appears in PikminPikmin 2Pikmin 3Pikmin 4Pikmin Adventure
Scientific name Fungi luminarium
Family Glowcap
Areas The Forest Navel, Tropical Wilds, Distant Tundra, Twilight River, Formidable Oak
Caves Frontier Cavern, Hole of Beasts, Bulblax Kingdom, Citadel of Spiders, Hole of Heroes, Sightless Passage
Challenge Mode levels Red Chasm, Concrete Maze, Collector's Room, Abduction Den
Collect treasure! levels None
Battle enemies! levels Beastly Caverns
Side Story levels None
Dandori Challenge levels None
2-Player Battle levels None
Bingo Battle levels None
Dandori Battle levels None

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The Common Glowcap (ヒカリキノコ?, lit.: "Light Mushroom") is a luminescent fungus and is used as scenery in some areas and caves. They are a source of light when "awake", which can be used in the leaders' favor.

In the first two games, they are purely aesthetic, and as scenery, the Glowcaps do not change gameplay at all, unlike their supposed "relative", the Glowstem, which may cause bomb-rocks to fall upon contact with it.

In Pikmin 3 these plants are initially found buried in the ground with only the tops showing; they do not give light in this state. Contact with them will make them rise out and light up a small area around them. The light from these plants can damage and kill Phosbats, as well as provide shelter from the Vehemoth Phosbat. Two variations exist: a cyan one and a pink one. They can also have different sizes, sometimes. The color influences the light that comes out (of the same color), but nothing else.

In Pikmin Adventure, they are referred to as Glowing Mushrooms, and provide light to help the player navigate. Moreover, if the player touches them, they will glow and emit light themselves for a small period of time.


Olimar's notes

The light emitted from this rare mushroom is neither a reflection, nor a release of stored light. It grows not only on decomposing trees, but also on soil and rocks. This mushroom's fungal filaments are capable of stabilizing and concentrating pure Hocotatium 111. It is none other than the Hocotatium 111 approaching the point of critical mass that causes the glowcap's blue luminescence.

Louie's notes

Rapturous fresh or sauteed, this illuminating fungus will be hot in the galaxy's trendiest restaurants.

Pikmin 2 Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"Providing illumination in dark areas, the Common Glowcap is a wonder to observe. Olimar notes that the mushroom's glow comes from a compound called Hocotatium 111."

Pikmin 3 Prima GuideEdit

"These luminescent mushrooms can be very useful when you're exploring a dark cave. When a Glowcap is dormant, it looks like nothing more than a spot of light on the ground. When you pass over a dormant Glowcap, however, it springs out of the ground and illuminates the immediate area."

Technical informationEdit

Pikmin 2 technical information (?)
Internal name hikarikinoko
Global properties (List)
ID Japanese comment Property Value
s000 friction(not used) Friction 0.5
s001 wallReflection Unknown (wall bounce speed multiplier?) 0.5
s002 faceDirAdjust Unknown 0.25
s003 accel Acceleration 0.1
s004 bounceFactor Unknown (bounce when it hits the ground?) 0.3
fp00 ライフ HP 1100
fp01 マップとの当り Unknown (related to slopes) 30
fp02 ダメージスケールXZ Horizontal damage scale 0.5
fp03 ダメージスケールY Vertical damage scale 0.5
fp04 ダメージフレーム Damage scale duration 0.35
fp05 質量 Unknown (weight?) 0.1
fp06 速度 Move speed 50
fp08 回転速度率 Rotation acceleration 0.2
fp09 テリトリー Territory radius 32
fp10 ホーム範囲 "Home" radius 15
fp11 プライベート距離 "Private" radius 50
fp12 視界距離 Sight radius 500
fp13 視界角度 FOV 90
fp14 探索距離 Unknown (exploration radius?) 500
fp15 探索角度 Unknown (exploration angle?) 120
fp16 振り払い率 Successful shake rate 1
fp17 振り払い力 Shake knockback 200
fp18 振り払いダメージ Shake damage 0
fp19 振り払い範囲 Shake range 30
fp20 攻撃可能範囲 Unknown (shock attack max range?) 80
fp21 攻撃可能角度 Unknown (shock attack max angle?) 50
fp22 攻撃ヒット範囲 Unknown (attack hit range?) 80
fp23 攻撃ヒット角度 Unknown (attack hit angle?) 50
fp24 攻撃力 Attack damage 10
fp25 視界高 Unknown (height visibility?) 50
fp26 探索高 Unknown (exploration height?) 50
fp27 ライフの高さ HP wheel height 90
fp28 回転最大速度 Rotation speed 8
fp29 警戒時間 Unknown (warning time?) 15
fp30 警戒ライフ Unknown 30
fp31 ライフ回復率 Regeneration rate 0.0001
fp32 LOD半径 Off-camera radius 32
fp33 マップとのあたりポリゴンの選定 Collision processing radius 30
fp34 ピクミンとのあたり Pikmin damage radius 40
fp35 石化時間 Petrification duration 1
fp36 ヒップドロップダメージ Purple Pikmin drop damage N/A
fp37 地震気絶確立 Purple Pikmin stun chance N/A
fp38 地震気絶時間 Purple Pikmin stun time N/A
ip01 振り払い打撃A Shake mode 1 – hit count 6
ip02 振り払い張付1 Shake mode 1 – Pikmin requirement 5
ip03 振り払い打撃B Shake mode 2 – hit count 12
ip04 振り払い張付2 Shake mode 2 – Pikmin requirement 10
ip05 振り払い打撃C Shake mode 3 – hit count 17
ip06 振り払い張付3 Shake mode 3 – Pikmin requirement 20
ip07 振り払い打撃D Shake mode 4 – hit count 22
Specific properties

Other informationEdit

  • Pikmin 2 Piklopedia number: #59


See more: Glowcap family#Naming.
  • Common name: Common Glowcap.
  • Japanese nickname: ヒカリキノコ?, lit.: "Light Mushroom".
  • Japanese name: タマヒカリタケ?, lit.: "Orb Light Mushroom".
  • Scientific name: Fungi luminarium. Fungi refers to how the Glowcap is a mushroom, and therefore, a fungus. Luminarium is Latin for "light".
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ヒカリキノコ?
Hikari Kinoko
Light Mushroom
  French Lumen Ordinaire Common Lumen
  German Gemeines Glühkäppchen Common Glow cap
  Spanish (NoA) Sombrerillo luminiscente Luminescent little hat



  • If the player looks at a cloaked Vehemoth Phosbat through the light of a Common Glowcap, they'll be able to see its silhouette.[1]

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