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Bubblimp family

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The bubblimp family is a family of bubble-like creatures that were introduced in Hey! Pikmin. So far, this family is made of only one species, the Red Bubblimp. Members belong to the pilaruber genus.


Red Bubblimp[edit]

A Red Bubblimp in the Creature Log. Enhanced with Citra.
Main article: Red Bubblimp.

Red Bubblimps are inoffensive creatures that appear in Hey! Pikmin. They are made of a small red ball circled by a thin layer of water, with two yellow eyes. They only drip from the ceiling, and are harmless. Throwing a Pikmin on their body or simply just bumping into one is enough to kill it.


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The family name bubblimp is a combination of "bubble" and "blimp". The genus, Pilaruber, is the combination of pila and ruber, Latin for "ball" and "red" respectively. This gives it the literal translation of "red ball", akin to the Red Bubblimp's appearance.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese シズク科?
Shizuku Ka
Drop family
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Bruppels
Flag of France French bulasques Portmanteau of bulle (bubble) and flasques (limp)
Flag of Germany German Augentropf Eye drop
Flag of Italy Italian Spugnanti
Flag of South Korea Korean 물방울 과
Flag of Spain Spanish Burbúticos

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