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Jellyper family

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The jellyper family is a family of species that appears in Hey! Pikmin only. So far, this family is made of one species, the Grabbit.




The Grabbit is a green creature, with big red eyes, two small wings and four legs. This creature spends its time jumping, but can kill Pikmin if it lands on one of them. Aside from that, this creature is inoffensive.


"Jellyper" has "lyper" in it, which sounds like leaper. This is because of members of the family's ability to leap very high. The name also has "jelly" in it, because gelatinous objects have bouncy properties. This is also because members constantly leap, or bounce forward.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Sprinkhazen Locusts
Flag of France.svg French gélatides Wordplay of gélatine (jelly) and the taxonomic suffix -ide
Flag of Germany.svg German Schrecke
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Grillidi
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Saltinosos

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