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Onionshell family

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The onionshell family is a family of crab-like enemies introduced in Pikmin 3, although the family went unclassified until Pikmin 3 Deluxe. It currently only has one member, the Peckish Aristocrab. Members belong to the brachyurices genus.


Peckish Aristocrab[edit]

Artwork of a Peckish Aristocrab.
Main article: Peckish Aristocrab.

The Peckish Aristocrab is an enemy found in Pikmin 3. It uses its large pincer to block incoming Pikmin throws, as well as to snatch Pikmin up to eat. Since the pincer is made of crystal, it can be broken by Rock Pikmin. Once disarmed, the creature resorts to evading Pikmin attacks and blowing bubbles to keep them away.


The family name onionshell comes from their distinctively shaped bodies. Much like the Onions, members bare shells similar to that of an onion, with a round bottom half that loops to an enclosed stub on the top.

The family genus brachyurices is a reference to the real world group Brachyura, which contains crabs.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ネギガニ科?
Negi Gani ka
Welsh onion crab family
Flag of China Chinese
Flag of France French crustalliacés From crustacé (crustacean) and ail (garlic)
Flag of Germany German Panzerzwiebler
Flag of South Korea Korean 파게 과
Flag of Spain Spanish Cepucránquidos From Cepucranco (Peckish Aristocrab)

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