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Awrapnid family

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The Awrapnid family is a spider-like family of creatures first seen in Pikmin 3, although the family went unclassified until Pikmin 3 Deluxe. They usually stay in their webs to catch prey that fly into it, much like real world spiders. Its only member is the Arachnode. Members belong to the Clavo genus.




The Arachnode is the first arachnid-based enemy in the Pikmin series with an interactable web. While dormant on its web, it resembles a cocoon, with a black and yellow striped and sphere-shaped body. This shape and coloring comes from the eight legs wrapped tightly around its body; the actual body is a small black orb with yellow circles instead of stripes. Once a Pikmin or leader gets caught in the web, it uncurls its legs after a while, and wanders up to its prey, consuming them quickly once it has reached them. It may also wander around the web freely in order to avoid Pikmin that are being thrown at it. The web will collapse once the Arachnode is defeated.


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Much like the arachnorb family, the name is a take on "arachnid" and "wrap", possibly referring to how members spin webs.

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