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Elips family

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The elips family is a family in Pikmin 3 and Hey! Pikmin. It consists of only one member, the Puckering Blinnow. Although this member was present in Pikmin 3, the elips family wasn't revealed until Hey! Pikmin.

It is made up of only one genus, Narrolingus.


Puckering Blinnow[edit]

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The Puckering Blinnow is an aquatic enemy with a debut in Pikmin 3. They are small, colorful fish enemies that inhabit bodies of water. They will occasionally try to eat Pikmin, and in Pikmin 3 they may even leap out of the water. In Hey Pikmin, they attack Pikmin by waiting a moment and simply charging in a straight line. In some areas they can end up on land, making them harmless until they get back in water.


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