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Amphibiland family

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The amphibiland family is a family of amphibious creatures introduced in Pikmin 4. It consists of two members, the Gildemander and Gildemandwee, the latter being the juvenile form of the former. All members of this family belong to the Salamandra genus.



Icon for the Glidemandwee, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Main article: Gildemandwee.

Scientific name: Salamandra falsaurum (juvenile)

Gildemandwee are the juvenile forms of the Gildemander, and are first discovered in Pikmin 4. Gildemandwees are brown salamander-like creatures that, much like their adult forms, collect a sparklium imbued material on their back that causes the Treasure Gauge, Pikmin and the Onion to go berserk. This material must be popped off to destroy the red spot on their back, resulting in the enemy's death.


Icon for the Glidemander, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Main article: Gildemander.

Scientific name: Salamandra falsaurum

The Gildemander is a Boss that is first discovered in Pikmin 4. They eat Pikmin using their tongue much like the Quaggled Mireclops. Gildemanders are brown salamander-like creatures that collect a gold-like material imbued with sparklium that cause the Treasure Gauge, Pikmin and the Onion to go berserk. The material they collect covers up their weak point, which are 3 big red spots on their back, all of which must be destroyed to defeat the enemy.


The family's name, amphibiland, is most likely in reference to the word amphibian, which means that the Gildemander and their juvenile forms spend part of their life in water and part of it land, much like real world salamanders. Considering we see all members of this family on land, we can suspect that they spend the early part of their lives in water, like most amphibians. They also look very similar to salamanders, with their four legs being 90° to their body, and brown, slimy looking skin.

The family's genus, Salamandra, is a real world genus of salamanders.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese オカアンコウ科?
Oka ankou ka
Hill anglerfish family
Flag of France French amphibaudroies From "amphibien" (amphibian) and "baudroie" (monkfish)
Flag of Germany German Amphibiander From "Amphibie" (Amphibian) and Salamander
Flag of South Korea Korean 육지도룡뇽 과 Terrestrial Salamander Family From "육지" (Terrestrial) and "도룡뇽" (Salamander)
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Aurumandraídeos From "aurus" (Latin for gold) and "salamandra" (salamander)