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Squishsquirt family

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The squishsquirt family is a family of creatures introduced in Pikmin 4. It contains only one member, the Sunsquish. All members of this family belong to the Ovgoonium genus.



Render of a Sunsquish from the Pikmin Garden website.
Main article: Sunsquish.

Scientific name: Ovgoonium soleus

Sunsquish are mollusk-like creatures first discovered in Pikmin 4. They resembled fried eggs and can also be found hiding in other creatures' eggs. They move around a small area until they find prey, where they will then extend their entire body equally outwards to grab any unsuspecting Pikmin. Their head is their only weak point and won't take damage if their body is attacked.


The family's name, squishsquirt, is made up of two words, 'squish' and 'squirt'. 'Squish' is another word for squash, which is in relation to how flexible the Sunsquish is, and how it extends its body out to grab prey. It could also be a reference to the name of the Sunsquish, the family's currently only member. 'Squirt' may be in reference to sea squirts, a type of primitive chordate which the Sunsquish's Piklopedia entry references.

The family's genus, Ovgoonium, can be split up into three parts: 'Ov', 'goo' and 'ium'. Ov may be a shortened version of the Latin word ovum. This may be reference to the fact that the Sunsquish looks like a sunny-side up egg and also can be found hiding in other creatures eggs. 'Goo' is in reference to the slimy appearance of the Sunsquish and how Pikmin stick to it. '-ium' is a suffix that mean 'denoting a biological structure', which could be referencing the fact that the Sunsquish looks like an egg and hides in other creatures eggs, as eggs are biological structures.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ホヤモチ科?
Hoya mochi ka
Sea squirt mochi family
Flag of France French flanidés Derived from "flan"
Flag of Germany German Puddingplopsis From "pudding" and "plops" + the German minimasation -is
Flag of South Korea Korean 말랑멍게 과
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Molusflanídeos From "molusco" (mollusk) and "flan"