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Flitterbie family

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The flitterbie family is a family of enemies in Pikmin 2. It consists of one creature, the Unmarked Spectralids, which is a small butterfly-like insect that poses no threat to Pikmin or leaders. Even though there is only one creature, it comes in three different versions in-game.


Unmarked Spectralids[edit]

Artwork of the Unmarked Spectralids in Pikmin 2.
Main article: Unmarked Spectralids.

The name "Unmarked Spectralids" is used to refer to any of the three types of Spectralids found in Pikmin 2: yellow, red, and purple. These creatures are only found in the Awakening Wood aboveground, but are more common in caves. Red and purple Spectralids only appear underground, too. Upon defeat, they have a 20% chance of dropping nectar (yellow), a drop of ultra-spicy spray (red) or a drop of ultra-bitter spray (purple); this chance is 100% on the Awakening Wood. They usually appear in swarms, with 80% of them being yellow.


The family's name is a play on a letter swap of the word "butterfly" ("flutterby"), but using "flitter" instead of "flutter", which is a possible substitute.

Members have the fenestari genus, referring to the Latin word "fenestra", meaning "window". This is genus shared by other Spectralids. This is a mistake, as members of the same genus cannot be in separate families in real-world taxonomy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese モリシジミ科?
Mori Shijimi Ka
Forest Lycaenidae family

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