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Sporovid family

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The sporovid family consists of 2 fungi-like creatures with similar characteristics. Although different sizes, they all have a yellow body, a red cap, two strange antennae, and two stubby legs.

The only known genus in this family is Aspergilla, which consists of Puffstalks.



Artwork of a Puffstool.
Main article: Puffstool.

Official family unknown

The Puffstool is a normally harmless boss in Pikmin that when threatened is capable of converting the player's Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin by releasing spores. It has 2 stubby legs and a big body. Converted Pikmin follow the Puffstool and attack healthy Pikmin and Captain Olimar if they get near.


A Puffstalk.
Main article: Puffstalk.

The Puffstalk is a harmless creature found in Hey! Pikmin that comes out of holes. It carries a treasure inside, so it must be defeated to complete the game.


The family name, Sporovid, is a reference to the real-world spores fungi use to reproduce. Aspergilla is derived from "Aspergillus", a genus belonging to many species of fungus.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ボケナメコ科?
Boke Nameko Ka
Stupid nameko family
Flag of South Korea Korean 멍텅버섯 과


  • The family name Sporovid was first featured in the Prima guidebook for the original Pikmin game.

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