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Shellcake family

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The shellcake family is a family of mollusc-like enemies introduced in Pikmin 4. Members belong to the conchcrustus genus.



Main article: Freezecake.


A Scorchcake covering an underground base.
Main article: Scorchcake.

The Scorchcake is an enemy found in Pikmin 4. It will rotate 90 degrees, and then rotate another 90 degrees in an attempt to crush Pikmin. It has a side on its body which is firey, and any non-Red Pikmin or Oatchi will be burned if they touch it. Its body is soft, however, and can be damaged by regular Pikmin attacks.


Main article: Shockcake.


The name shellcake comes from the family members' shell shape, which resemble some types of cakes.

The genus conchcrustus is named after the real-life conch mollusk, and crust, or crustae, a latin root word meaning shell.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese オオバンガイ科?
Ooban gai ka
Ōban-yaki shellfish family
Flag of France French carapacrêpes The name is a portmanteau of "carapace" (shell) and "crêpes" (crepes)
Flag of Germany German Krustenkuchen
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Caraboloídeos Snaicakidae The name is a portmanteau of "caracol" (snail) and "bolo" (cake) and the suffix "-ídeos" (-idae), which is used for naming animal family names

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