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The spitterspatter family is a family of waterbug-like creatures introduced in Pikmin 3, although the family went unclassified until Pikmin 3 Deluxe. It consists of one member, the Skeeterskate.

All members in this family are in the Gerridus genus.



Artwork of a Skeeterskate.
Main article: Skeeterskate.

The Skeeterskate is an enemy in Pikmin 3, and is found exclusively in water. It draws water into a tank on its head, which it then can use to launch water projectiles onto the Pikmin squad. As such, it can be more dangerous to Winged Pikmin and Pikmin near the shore. Like Dwarf Bulborbs, it can be defeated with a Pikmin thrown onto its head.


"Spitterspatter" is a combination of "spitter" and "spatter", referencing the way members spit out water, and splatter it all over their targets.

The family genus gerridus is derived from the real-world "gerridae" family, which is full of many water-based bugs similar to the Skeeterskate, such as pond skaters and water bugs.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ヒケシムシ科?
Hikeshi Mushi Ka
Firefighter bug family
Flag of China Chinese
Flag of France French sapeurpompidés From sapeur-pompier (firefighter)
Flag of Germany German Spuckkäfer
Flag of South Korea Korean 소방벌레 과
Flag of Spain Spanish Tiradores Shooters

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