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The wracknid family is a spider-like family in Hey! Pikmin. Much like Sheargrubs, this species has notable distinctions between the males and females: the females are pink, while the males are gray.


Female Shooting Spiner[edit]

A Female Shooting Spiner.

The Shooting Spiner (Female) is an enemy in Hey! Pikmin. These spider-like creatures hang from strings of web, lower down to Pikmin level, and stretch their arms out to stab Pikmin and kill them.

Male Shooting Spiner[edit]

A Male Shooting Spiner.

The Shooting Spiner (Male) is an enemy in Hey! Pikmin. The males of this species are brown in color and attack by shooting poison clouds at Pikmin.


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The name "Wracknid" is an alteration of "arachnid". Interestingly, the genus name Himeagea is shared by members of the Mandiblard family, despite not being from the same family. This is likely a mistake.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ワタグモ科?
Wata Gumo Ka
Cotton spider family
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Aragluipigen
Flag of France French aranéides aranéide is the subgenus for arachnids that gathers all spider species
Flag of Germany German Lauerling
Flag of Italy Italian Aracnidi
Flag of Spain Spanish Aracnudosos

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