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Armrakid family

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The armrakid family is a family of arachnid-like creatures introduced in Pikmin 4. It contains only one member, the Crusted Rumpup. All members of this family belong to the Derrierus genus.


Crusted Rumpup[edit]

Icon for the Crusted Rumpup, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Main article: Crusted Rumpup.

Scientific name: Derrierus capillium

The Crusted Rumpup is a scorpion-like boss first found guarding the third landing site in the Serene Shores in Pikmin 4. They have a red carapace and a greyish-black underside. Unlike scorpions, they do not have eight legs and also do not use their tail as a defense mechanism, it is actually their weak point. Rather their only attack is to charge towards prey and catch them in its mouth.


The family’s name is a portmanteau of “armor”, referring to their armored bodies, and “arachnid”, referring to the only member’s scorpion-like appearance.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ヨロヒガタ科?
Yorohi gata ka
Armor-hard family
Flag of France French carapachnides From "carapace" (shell) and "arachnides" (arachnid)
Flag of Germany German Panzerarachniden Shellarachnid From "Panzer" (Shell,Armor) and Arachnid
Flag of South Korea Korean 갑옷전갈 과
gab-osjeongal gwa
Armored scorpion
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Caraescorpinídeos From "carapaça" (shell) and "escorpião" (scorpion)
Flag of Spain Spanish Armarácnidos Armorachnids From "armadura" (armor) and "arácnido" (arachnid)