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Floaterbie family

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The floaterbie family is a family of species that appears in Hey! Pikmin only. So far, this family is made of only one species, the Electric Spectralid.


Electric Spectralid[edit]

Electric Spectralid.jpg

Electric Spectralids are creatures that appear in Hey! Pikmin. This creature, that looks like a regular Spectralid, produces light with its body, and will dive bomb into Olimar if it spots him. Aside from that, the Electric Spectralid is harmless.


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Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Spectralieden
Flag of France.svg French papilloptères Portmanteau of papillon (butterfly) and the suffix -ptère (-ptera)
Flag of Germany.svg German Schweberich
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Voltalidi
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Flotáridos

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