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The crushblat family is a family of frog-like creatures that attack Pikmin using their hard, crystal-like shells. Although the family was introduced in Hey! Pikmin, an assumed member of the family, the Calcified Crushblat, first appeared in Pikmin 3.


Calcified Crushblat[edit]

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Official family unknown

The Calcified Crushblat is an enemy in Pikmin 3. It is a strange creature, apparently just a head with long, chicken-like legs. Its head is usually protected by a thick layer of calcification which can only be broken off by Rock Pikmin and bomb rocks. It is a rare creature, appearing only once in story mode, but appears quite more often in Mission Mode and Bingo Battle. It has the qualifications of a mini-boss, but is not considered as one, as the mini-boss music does not play when fighting it.

Crystalline Crushblat[edit]


The Crystaline Crusblat is an enemy in Hey! Pikmin. It is a cave-dwelling relative to the Calcified Crushblat. It is significantly smaller and weaker, but can be found quite commonly. Instead of having a brown face underneath its shell, it has a green one.


"Crushblat" is the name that all members of the family have, along with a word before it. "Crush" is probably referring to the way members of the family crush Pikmin, while "blat" is not a word.

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