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Pricklepuff family

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The pricklepuff family is a family of aquatic creatures introduced in Pikmin 4. It contains only one member, the Pricklepuff, which the family is named after. All members of this family belong to the Piscpineous genus.



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Main article: Pricklepuff.

The Pricklepuff is an aquatic enemy first discovered in the Serene Shores in Pikmin 4. They are light cream and have darker colored spots lining the front of their of their body. The front of their face is covered with spikes, the same color of their body, which they use to attack predators and prey. They also have cyan eyes and light blue, translucent fins.


The family's name pricklepuff contains the word prickle which is in relation the sharp spikes that the creature uses to defend itself. The word puff could be referring to the fact that the Pricklepuff looks very similar to pufferfish.

The family genus, Piscpineous, can be split up into three parts:

  • The first part, Pisc is most likely a shortened version of the word piscine which means 'of or concerning fish', due to the fact that the Pricklepuff is a fish.
  • The second part, pine may be referring to the spikes that line the Pricklepuff's face as they look very similar to the long needle-like leaves of a pine tree.
  • The final part, ous, is a suffix that means 'characterized by; of the nature of'. This means that the Pricklepuff is categorised by its spikes, which accurately describes how the fish looks.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese トゲハゼ科?
Toge haze ka
Thorn goby family
Flag of France French globépines From "globe" and "épines" (thorns)
Flag of Germany German Nadler Needlers
Flag of South Korea Korean 가시망둥이 과
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Baiagulhídeos From "baiacu" (pufferfish) and "agulha" (needle)