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Kettlebug family

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The kettlebug family is a family of enemies in Pikmin 2, with only one known member, the Antenna Beetle.


Antenna Beetle[edit]

Artwork of the Antenna Beetle.
Main article: Antenna Beetle.

The Antenna Beetle is an enemy in Pikmin 2. When it is present in the sublevel, it scrambles the Treasure Gauge on the HUD. This enemy can whistle around itself, and attract the player's Pikmin against their will. After a while, it'll jump into the air and land nearby shortly after. Its defeat ensures the normal functioning of the Treasure Gauge, as well as the release of any entranced Pikmin.


The family name comes from the terms "kettle" and "bug". The reason for the name "kettle" could be a reference to the creature's whistle, or a mistranslation, given that in the Antenna Beetle's Japanese name, カマドフマ?, a corruption of カマドウマ? (lit.: "Cave Cricket"), カマド? means "stove".

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese カマドフマ科?
Kamadofuma ka
Cave cricket family
Flag of Germany German Kesselkäfer Kettlebugs
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Tetéridos Kettlebugs

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