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Bloather family

The bloather family is a family of creatures only seen in Hey! Pikmin. Members of the family have large, round bodies with blubbery skin that can bounce Captain Olimar and his Pikmin.

All members of this family are in the Fouskaflexilis genus.



Main article: Blubbug.

Scientific name: Fouskaflexilis bilia

This creature has a little brown head on a huge orange body, composed of fat. This enemy stands on two tiny legs, colored in various shades, going from yellow to brown. The Blubbug is inoffensive to Pikmin, and will only run towards Olimar, though this can be dangerous in some instances. It can be used to jump really high in the air, and reach places that are otherwise inaccessible.

Puffy BlubbugEdit

Main article: Puffy Blubbug.

Scientific name: Fouskaflexilis mallia

The Puffy Blubbug has the same shape and behavior as its counterpart, however, it is entirely tinted blue and covered by fine hair. It also lacks legs, and uses a pair of wings.


The word "bloather" is a wordplay on "bloat", which refers to how bloated the family members are.

Names in other languagesEdit

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Language Name Meaning
  Japanese フグムシ科?
Fugu mushi ka
Pufferfish bug family
  Dutch Ballontorren
  French boursoufflés Wordplay of boursoufler (bloat) and soufflés (blown), although this could be a misspell of the word boursouflés (bloated)
  German Ballonkäfer Balloon bugs
  Italian Aerostatidi
  Korean 복어벌레 과
  Spanish Aerostátidos From "aerostáticos" (aerostatics)

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