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Fiery Blowlet

Fiery Blowlet In-game icon.
A Fiery Blowlet in the Creature Log. Enhanced with Citra.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Sus draconus infanta
Family Blowhog
Areas Scorched Earth, Barriers of Flame, Sizzling Precipice, Secret Spot 21
Attacks Spit out fireballs, breathe fire

The Fiery Blowlet (コブタドックリ?, lit.: "Piglet Tokkuri") is an enemy in Hey! Pikmin. Similarly to the Fiery Blowhog, this creature is able to shoot out fire from its snout, causing any non-Red Pikmin to catch on fire. Depending on their placement, they can either serve as an enemy to fight against to get past, or as an obstacle to watch out for and carefully time around.


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Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
N/A N/A N/A   × 1 Unknown Unknown


The Fiery Blowlet is often found standing still, shooting fireballs at equal intervals in an arch, in the direction of Pikmin it sees. However, one can be found blowing fire instead, much like the adult variant. The one in question is found in Secret Spot 21.


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Most Fiery Blowlets can be avoided, but if they need to be attacked, throwing Red Pikmin at one will easily defeat it.


Hey! Pikmin logs

Some emit long jets of flame, while others discharge volleys of fireballs, like mile runners versus sprinters.

Technical informationEdit

Hey! Pikmin technical information (?)
Internal name kobuta
Generator name(s) enemy_flame_throw


See more: Blowhog family#Naming.
  • Common name: Fiery Blowlet. The name is a simple play on the bigger variant, the Fiery Blowhog, with "let" replacing "hog". This is in reference to "piglet", a term for a small pig.
  • Japanese nickname: コブタドックリ?, lit.: "Piglet Tokkuri".
  • Japanese name: ヒフキコブタドックリ?, lit.: "Fire Breathing Piglet Tokkuri". ヒフキブタドックリ? (lit.: "Fire Breathing Pig Tokkuri") is the Japanese name for the Fiery Blowhog.
  • Scientific name: Sus draconus infanta. It is the same as the Fiery Blowhog's but with infanta, Latin for "infant".
  • Internal names: Its internal name is kobuta. Its generator name in most cases is enemy_flame_throw, but in Secret Spot 21, it is enemy_flame_breath, due to its different behavior.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese コブタドックリ?
Kobuta Dokkuri
Piglet Tokkuri
  Dutch Vlammende snuitbig
  French Jeune puffy crachefeu Young fiery blowhog
  German Zwerg-Rüsselignis From Zwerg (dwarf), Rüssel (trunk), and Latin ignis (fire); Dwarf Trunk-Ignis
  Italian Eruptorino igneo Little fiery eruptor
  Korean 꼬마돼지호롱
  Spanish Verraquín dragón Diminutive of "Verraco dragón" (Fiery Blowhog)


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