Secluded Courtyard
The image accompanying Olimar's voyage log #46 "Secluded Courtyard".
Location Blossoming Arcadia
Sublevels 4
Rescues 2
Treasures 10
Onions 1
Suggested Pikmin Icon for Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD. Icon for Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD.
Wild Pikmin Icon for Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD. Icon for Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD.

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The Secluded Courtyard is a cave in the Blossoming Arcadia in Pikmin 4. It has a zen garden theme. Many of its enemies are mimics, such as members of skitterling family and dweevil family. This extends to the cave's boss: the Foolix. Yellow Pikmin are useful here with its high ledges and electric hazards, though Ice Pikmin are also recommended for dealing with water obstacles and freezing the aforementioned boss. This cave has Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 845 worth of treasure.

How to reachEdit

The Secluded Courtyard is in the southeast of the Blossoming Arcadia, on a plateau. A dirt wall and an electric gate must be destroyed to reach it.


Olimar's Voyage LogEdit

In the natural world, there are many examples of strategic mimicry, where one lulls their prey into perceived safety...but I never thought I would witness it firsthand! I now know danger can lurk in even the jiggliest of places.

Sublevel 1Edit

Map of sublevel 1.

From the left of the starting area, head up the hill to collect the Decorative Goo. Be aware that one of the eggs contains a Sunsquish. From the right of the starting area, defeat the enemies and destroy the Spotcaps to access the Citrus Lump. To collect the Universal Rubber Cutie, first freeze the small body of water with Ice Pikmin after plucking the underwater Blue Pikmin sprouts. Then walk towards the treasure, and defeat the Skitter Leaves after they fall from the sky. Finally, carry the treasure back to the S.S. Beagle.

Sublevel 2Edit

Map of sublevel 2.

The castaway in this sublevel can be approached from either direction. Make sure to defeat all the Anode Dweevils to stop them from electrifying Pikmin carrying items back – one is hiding behind the dirt wall. To collect the Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom), throw at least 2 Pikmin at the base of the climbing stick from the lower block.

Sublevel 3Edit

Map of sublevel 3.

If your Yellow Pikmin numbers are low, you can get some with the Candypop Bud behind the starting area. Yellow Pikmin are required on this sublevel, to reach the Blonde Impostor suspended in the air, and to reach the Flarlic on a high pot. Be careful when collecting the Astringent Clump – it is suspended above a water spout, so if the spout hasn't been destroyed first, the treasure will land on top of it, requiring careful timing to collect with non-Blue Pikmin.

Sublevel 4Edit

Map of sublevel 4.

After digging up the potted plant, you'll come across what looks like a single blob of nectar in the middle of an arena. This is in fact the Foolix, the boss of the cave. See Foolix#Strategy for strategies on how to defeat it. After defeating it, carry back the castaway it drops and the nearby treasure.


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Names in other languagesEdit

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Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ひミツの坪庭?
Hi-Mitsu no Tsuboniwa
Secret-nectarous Spot Garden
Mìmì Xiǎo Tíngyuán
Secret Little Flower Garden
Mìmì Xiǎo Tíngyuán
Secret Little Flower Garden
  Dutch Verzonken hof Recessed courtyard
  French Courette isolée Isolated courtyard
  German Verborgener Innenhof Hidden Courtyard
  Italian Cortile segreto Secret courtyard
  Korean 비밀의 안뜰
Bimil-ui Antteul
Secret Courtyard
  Portuguese Pátio breado Secluded Courtyard
  Spanish Jardín secreto Secret garden

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