The creep-crab family is a family of creatures in Pikmin 2 and Hey! Pikmin. Members of this family resemble crustaceans, and have hard shells that cannot be damaged, forcing the player to expose weak points.

This family consists of two similarily sounding genera, Parastacoidea, which the Segmented Crawbster is in, and Tegoparastacoidea, which the Armurk is in. However, both have the same species name, reptantia. This is fixed in the European version of Hey! Pikmin, which gives the Armurk a completely different scientific name.


Segmented CrawbsterEdit

Main article: Segmented Crawbster.

Scientific name: Parastacoidea reptantia

The Segmented Crawbster is a boss in Pikmin 2, found exclusively on the tenth sublevel of the Cavern of Chaos. It attacks by curling into a ball and chasing after its prey in an attempt to crush them. If it hits a wall, it becomes temporarily incapacitated and exposes its only weak point: its soft underbelly. When agitated, it can use its massive claw arm to swipe away Pikmin. After the boss is defeated, it drops the Silencer.


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Scientific name: Tegoparastacoidea reptantia/Scalobita rotunda

The Armurk is the boss of Sparkling Labyrinth in Hey! Pikmin. It resembles a horseshoe crab, with a gray striped shell and many green, jellylike feet. It has two weak points, one on its tail, and the other being its underbelly, both of which are bright pink.

It attacks by backing Olimar and his Pikmin against a wall, where it will attempt to lean back and crush them. However, this exposes its belly, allowing it to be attacked. After taking enough hits on its belly, it will turn around and retreat, allowing Olimar to attack its tail. It can also climb onto the ceiling, where it will drop down, curl into a ball, and bounce around the room. It drops the Royal Suite after being defeated.


The family name consists of the words "creep" and "crab". While "crab" refers to how the members of this family are crab-like, the term "creep" here could either refer to their unsettling nature, or to the way they roll being related to railway adhesion creep.

The genus Parastacoidea is the same word as a real world superfamily that includes species of freshwater crayfish. The genus Tegoparastacoidea is a combination of Parastacoidea and "tego", the Latin word for "cover".

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese コロガリムシ科?
Korogari mushi ka
Rolling bug family
  German Kriechkrabbe Creep crab
  Italian Gran-granchi Big crabs
  Korean 데굴데굴벌레 과
  Spanish (NoA) Rastrerópodos From "rastrero" (creeping) and "isópodos" (isopods)

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