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Sharpshell family

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The sharpshell family is a family of armadillo-like enemies introduced in Pikmin 4. It currently only has one member, the Porquillion. All known members belong to the castanutum genus.



Icon for the Porquillion, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Main article: Porquillion.

The Porquillion is an enemy found in Pikmin 4. It is the first enemy encountered in the game, and also appears elsewhere. It attacks prey by launching spikes at them, which can stun or possibly kill them. It has spikes on each of its quadrants, and regenerates them when it has no more. A quadrant without spikes can be attacked.


The name sharpshell is from the fact that family members have sharp spikes on their shells.

The genus castanutum is a Latin word meaning "chestnut", possibly referring to family members' round shape and protective shells.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese クリヒコウ科?
Kuri hikou ka
Chestnut cingulate family
Flag of France French échinotatous The name is a portmanteau of "échinoderme" (echinoderm) and "tatou" (armadillo)
Flag of Germany German Kastanienstachler Chestnutstabber
Flag of South Korea Korean 밤송이껍질 과
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Espetatuídeos Piercearmadillidae The name is a portmanteau of "espetar" (to pierce) and "tatu" (armadillo) and the suffix "-ídeos" (-idae), which is used for naming animal family names

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