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The following is a list of locations where Fiery Blowhogs can be found.


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Story Mode[edit]

  • The Forest Navel
    • There are six Fiery Blowhogs in the area and are all roughly around the south-west part of the map, near the large body of water and the Automatic Gear.

Challenge Mode[edit]

Pikmin 2[edit]

Story Mode[edit]

Above Ground Areas[edit]


Challenge Mode[edit]

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2-Player Battle[edit]

Pikmin 3[edit]

Story Mode[edit]

Side Stories[edit]

Olimar's Assignment[edit]

  • Inside Forest
    • One Fiery Blowhog is located near where the is Onion, down the slope to the east. The other is located where the Bearded Amprat - the one behind the dirt wall - would be in story mode.

Olimar's Comeback[edit]

  • First Part Found
    • There are three Fiery Blowhogs in this mission. Two can be found where the Bearded Amprat is located, the one behind the dirt wall, in story mode. The third one is found in the south-west part of the map, near the group of Kingcaps and Spotcaps.
  • Channel Gone Dry
    • Two can be found where the lone swarm of Scornets would be located in story mode.

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